Return to Office

Manage a Return that Delights All

Navigating a Way Forward: Return & Engage

What drive a happy back to the office?

Fully onsite work is expected to remain a relic of the past. Your office occupancy is changing and employees are asking for a hybrid working pattern. When planning a return, flexibility has evolved from a perk to a necessity. And a safe, in-person workspace that embraces choices while still promoting connections drives a happy return.

From Phased Return to Flexible Work

Remove the uncertainty of when and where to work. Whether it be schedule coordination, office space management , distance planning, or employee delight, you need the right tools to simplify the process and welcome people back with confidence.

73% of employees would go to the office more frequently if they knew their “work friends” or direct team members would be there.

(Source: Microsoft Work Trend Index)


Meet all your needs in one platform

Get a full context of your office before planning a return. Yeastar Workplace provides a collection of tools designed for flexible workplace management and employee experience. From desk planning & reservation, meeting room scheduling, to visitor management , let automation works to eliminate the “back-to-office” chaos and develop a people-centric, flexible workplace strategy.

Reconnect your people for in-person time

Use live Office Map for a shared view of office activities, and let your people know who will be in the office, when, and where they sit on any given day. Together with a clear display of upcoming schedules, the simple-click space reservation on the Office Map puts any bookable resources—meeting rooms and desks—up for grabs for your employees, making it easier to plan a team huddle and spend the right moments together.

Adapt to flexible seating with distance planning

Safely distance your floor plan using desk parameters and develop a seating strategy that works for your business—all flexible, all assigned, or a blend of both. The automation works itself based on your preset rules and your people can help themselves with on-the-fly desk booking from anywhere. As the situation changes, keep track of desk occupancy over time with graphical reports and make changes as you go.

Keep everyone safe with visitor management

People are excited to return to work, but they expect the reassurance that it’s safe. It’s time to deploy a visitor management solution that keeps the health and safety of your employees and guests in mind. From pre-visit questionnaires supporting health screening, touchless check-ins, to comprehensive logs and data for contact tracing, get all tools you need to streamline people flow and manage a safe return.

Plan your space with data-driven insights

Welcome your people back with adequate office space & resources, all the while minimizing the real estate waste. With graphical reports and exportable data, keep track of your office utilization & occupancy trends for data-driven decisions on the number, capacity, layout, etc. And automatically free up the abandoned space reservations to maximize your existing resources and better support your team.

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Ready to Ramp Your Return to Office?

See Yeastar Workplace in actions and explore how will it help you to welcome your people back with confidence.