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Coordinate and Make the Best of Your Space Resources

What Is Space Management Software?

Modern office space management aims at providing employees with the best-fit physical space inventory and cutting down operational overhead. Effective space management software can help companies maximize every square foot through allocation, management, tracking, analysis, forecasting, and planning.

Why Is Space Management Important?

In the event of changes in headcounts or office makeovers, workplace leaders must have a clear picture of the current space utilization and usage trend before making future plans. Especially in today’s distributed and hybrid landscape, it provides in-depth insights into creating a flexible workplace that invites employees to return.

More than 90 percent of office-using companies intend to expand or contract their offices as part of post-pandemic and hybrid-based scheduling for their workers.

(Source: CBRE’s Spring 2022 Occupier Sentiment Survey)

Workplace Management

As a complete solution for room scheduling, desk booking, and visitor management, Yeastar Workplace helps businesses create a more flexible, collaborative, and transparent working environment, make the most of their office real estate, and facilitate a more productive flow of people throughout the workplace.

Desk Sharing for a Flexible Office

Large-scale implementation of activity-based working schemes is happening now. With a mix of permanent and flexible desks, their availability and locations should be easily visible to employees. Yeastar Workplace enables the hybrid workforce to:

Book a desk from anywhere, before visiting the office

Find the best-fit workspace on an interactive map

See where colleagues are sitting or scheduled to work

Sit near team members in the dedicated team spac

Frictionless Room Scheduling & Allocation

Many companies find it difficult to accommodate everyone’s needs when it comes to meeting rooms while the actual utilization is far beneath maximum capacity. Yeastar Workplace addresses such inefficiency with:

Effortless booking on the spot and on the go

Check-in/out to secure or end your reservation

Vacant room auto-release triggered by sensors

Centralized and synchronized reservations

Data-driven Decision-making in the Workplace

Strategic space planning involves understanding how the workplace is being used, as well as predicting future space usage. The simple-to-read analytics reports on Yeastar Workplace help visualize essential metrics and trends, such as overall booking behaviors, meeting event density, room/desk utilization rate, recaptured hours from auto-release, meeting/desk types, unattended rankings, etc., which is essential for workplace leaders to evaluate current usage patterns and spot optimization opportunities.

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