Over the past months, we’ve been closely listening to customer feedback to make improvements to Yeastar Workplace based on their needs. So, for the year’s first product update, you will see new integration, new features, and several optimizations.

Let’s now dive in!

Yeastar Workplace X Microsoft Exchange Integration

Backed by popular demand, Microsoft Exchange is now officially a part of Yeastar Workplace’s app ecosystem, alongside Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace. The synergy between Yeastar Workplace and Microsoft Exchange will offer you a more seamless work experience.

Connect Exchange with Yeastar Workplace as of today to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Quickly add existing room resources from Exchange to Yeastar Workplace
  • Two-way synchronization between Yeastar Workplace and Outlook (New bookings and schedule changes made on one platform will be automatically updated on the other side.)
  • Search for and book a meeting space directly in Outlook
  • Enable a one-stop user experience without switching between platforms
  • Avoid double booking and optimize work efficiency
  • Get in-depth insights provided by Yeastar Workplace into how your room resources are being used

Watch this step-by-step integration guide:

To integrate Yeastar Workplace with Microsoft Exchange, make sure you’re on Yeastar Workplace Standard or Pro Plan and have Exchange Server 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019. You can refer to this written guide HERE for more further details.

Create a More Visitor-friendly Experience

Instead of using the old-fashioned pencil and paper, Yeastar Visitor Management System gives you the tools to manage visitors more smartly. As a part of this new update, we made a few improvements to help you create a more visitor-friendly experience.

New Visitor Check-in Methods

Since we are aware of how important visitor check-in is to the overall workflow, we upgraded it to make it more flexible and visitor-friendly.

Let’s say you’re meeting your contractor Davis tomorrow at 10 AM, and you have pre-registered him on Yeastar Visitor Management System. Next, Davis will receive an invitation email automatically sent by Yeastar, containing details of the visit, a unique QR code, and a unique 6-digit verification code.

directory service integration

As Davis arrives at your company’s front desk the next morning, he only needs to pull out the email and enter the unique 6-digit verification code he received or simply scan the QR code.

The new methods greatly help to reduce wait time, improve efficiency, and prevent your front desk from becoming a bottleneck.

Enhanced Visitor Flexibility: Self-Register and Apply

In addition to self-check-in, visitors now can even register and submit a visiting request all by themselves with this new update.

In case of a last-minute visit, walk-in visitors can register themselves at the front desk with the Visitor Screen. You can share a self-register link for job interviewers and have them submit a visiting request in advance.

Share Link

As you can see, we’re giving visitors more flexibility and autonomy, which will in turn contribute to a smarter visitor management workflow for your workplace.

New Admin Startup Guide to Jumpstart Workplace Management

An admin startup guide has now been added to the Management Portal to ensure an effortless onboarding process. It will give a guided tour of all the essential elements of the Yeastar Workplace platform. Complete this guide and you will be ready to jumpstart your workplace management journey.

The guide appears in a 5-step checklist and will walk you through the basics of navigating the platform, such as setting up company profiles, creating office maps, adding room and desk resources, and configuring visit types and questionnaires.


Where to find this guide?

Opening the Management Portal, you will see an icon with a red dot on the upper right corner of the menu bar, and that’s where you can find the guide. Feel free to use it as a quick onboarding tool or for reference in the future.

Admin Startup Guide

More Feature Optimizations

Finally, we’ve also made a few improvements that come together to make everything that bit smoother for Yeastar Workplace users.

  • Better view and edit your uploaded office map with newly-launched shortcut keys
  • New visitor status added for the Visit Log: Late & No-show
  • Extend meetings with one click by selecting from multiple time slot options

To view all improvements of this update, please visit HERE.

New Year, New Features. See them in Action!

This month’s product update is all about streamlining daily workflows and making your life easier. All of the new features are available now, so feel free to explore them in your personal interface. If you’re new to Yeastar Workplace, we’re more than happy to offer you a 30-day free trial so you can see these new features in action.

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