Yeastar Blog | Return Call to the Original Extension with AutoCLIP

What is AutoCLIP in Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX? Before answering it, let’s talk about return call. We often encounter this kind of situation that when we call back a number without the exact information about caller, we could not find the original extension that made the call. As the caller, especially for sales, you might lose a potential customer. AutoCLIP is ideal to solve the problem. It can redirect call to original extension.

The S-Series PBX automatically stores information about outgoing calls to the AutoCLIP routing table. When a person calls back, no matter the original call be answered or not, the call will be routed directly to the original extension (e.g. receptionist) that made the former mentioned outgoing call.

How do I use it?

Go to Settings>PBX>Call Control>AutoCLIP Routes to configure AutoCLIP:


  • Record Keep Time: set the time duration for which records should be kept in the AutoCLIP List. Default is 8 hours.
  • Match Outgoing Trunk: if enabled, only the incoming call that came to the PBX through the same trunk which made the call will be match against the AutoCLIP List.
  • Member Trunks: choose the trunks, AutoCLIP Route will apply to the selected trunks.

Click View AutoCLIP List to view the records. In the AutoCLIP List you can see the record of the unconnected call.


As the above figure shows, when the user (284288432) has a missed call and returns the call, he will be directly forwarded to extension 500 as shown in the AutoCLIP List.