After months of research, development, and testing, we are very proud to announce the new firmware update version for S-Series VoIP PBX has now been released.

Packed with an unprecedented list of added supports, optimizations and bug fixes, the new firmware has also arrived with a brand-new Multisite Interconnect Feature, making it more robust and user-friendly than ever. In addition, the added support for ITSP configuration template allows you to configure ITSP quickly by selecting from a list of compatible ITSPs, which is time-saving and exceptionally convenient.

Changes since firmware release


  1. Added Multisite Interconnect Feature: select the role your system plays in the whole Multisite Interconnect network as “Headquarter ” or “Branch Office”. Connect and organize your branch offices in an intuitive, easier and more convenient way.
  2. Added a new SIP trunk type “Account Trunk”.
  3. Added templates of SIP trunk.
  4. Added support for answering an intercom/paging call.
  5. Added support for importing configurations of SIP register trunks.
  6. Added support for importing configurations of outbound routes and inbound routes.
  7. Added support for configuring IAX jitter buffer on Web page.
  8. Added a default rule of outbound restriction: an extension user can make a maximum of 5 calls in 1 minute.
  9. Added FTP access permission to the voicemail files and one-touch recording files which are stored in PBX local flash.


  1. Updated the following system prompt: English prompt, Korean prompt, and Hebrew prompt.
  2. Optimized the Web user interface: the PBX’s GUI language will be synchronized to your browser language.
  3. Optimized call recording: the administrator can choose whether to record internal calls.
  4. Optimized blocklist feature: the administrator can restrict specific extension users from calling the blocked numbers.
  5. Optimized SLA feature: the administrator can enable or disable the SLA prompt.
  6. Optimized backup feature: the administrator can choose to backup system configurations, custom prompts or call logs.
  7. Added support for adding network drive for Windows domains.
  8. And many more.


  1. Fixed the issue that Mobility Extension user could not change the status of time condition.
  2. Fixed call log issue: when an extension and the mobility extension were ringing simultaneously, you answered the call on the extension or on the mobility extension; the system would generate 3 call logs.
  3. Fixed the issue that if you switched the network type of a 4G module, the system would count the cellular data incorrectly.
  4. Fixed the issue of GSM/3G/4G module: a GSM/3G/4G module could not handle calls and SMS simultaneously.
  5. Fixed the issue of GSM/3G/4G module: after rebooting the PBX, the GSM/3G/4G modules could not work.
  6. Fixed “Email to SMS” issue: The system could not send long emails to multiple destination numbers.
  7. Fixed system email issue: the default TLS port for Sina emails could not work.
  8. And many more.

Download the firmware or check for new update in your S-Series VoIP PBX Web interface. For many more optimization and bug fixes, please refer to the Release Note.

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