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Once viewed simply as a low-cost channel for resolving customer concerns, call center is increasingly seen as a powerful service delivery mechanism and even as a generator of revenue. But to make it is a true money generator, quality individual agent performance is not nearly enough. Developing effective call centre management strategies is just as crucial to the whole call center ecosystem.

Followings are several important strategies that almost every professional contact center manager would adopt to elevate overall call centre performance and maximize ROI.

Track Call Volumes to Predict Staffing Needs

Your staffing and call volume must have a harmonic relationship in order to provide stellar service. A precise forecast for future call volume, agent requirements and average handle time for any time interval of the day will help to allocate staff resource efficiently and enhance overall productivity.

Using advanced metrics and predictive solutions can help develop a baseline for data-driven strategies. And adopting an advanced contact center solution that allows managers to identify busy periods, quiet periods and periods where calls are missed in order to manage staffing levels might be the easiest way.

Pinpoint Deficits and Proficiencies in Agent Performance

To know how your agents perform and incentivize quality service can help improve customer satisfaction. But accurately assessing agent performance requires a dual approach using both call recordings and scoring. Yeastar one-stop call center solution can fulfill the needs by perfectly integrating your VoIP PBX phone system with call center software. The built-in call recording capacity, detailed agent performance reports, and customizable QA forms for live or recorded call grading can arm you with quantitative and qualitative data from customer interactions.

Consummate the Goal Setting and Agent Coaching Process

When equipped with detailed data of each agent, like average handle time, call wrap-up time, and conversion rate, call center managers can develop a workable action plan and set an achievable goal for an agent. The action plan may consist of more detailed coaching session designed exclusively according to the data collected, allowing agents to have a clear understanding on how they could improve themselves and boost their productivity.

Real-Time Monitor and Strategies Adjustment

To make effective management, it’s essential for managers to have the ability to address and fix issues in the moment, especially when volume forecasts are not matched to demand. By monitoring and utilizing actionable real-time performance metrics, critical adjustments necessary can be made just in time to keep call center operation efficiently.

Operating an efficient, high-performance call center can be easier with data-driven management strategies, where detailed queue metrics analysis lies the essence. To obtain these qualitative statistics, adopting a professional call center solution might be the fast and easiest way.

Yeastar call center solution is a one-stop call center suite that computes over 180 metrics for calls, traffic, sessions, and monitors data from the phone system while producing in-depth call center reports. Most notably, it offers a 30-day Free Trial for those who would like to give it a shot. Find more information about Yeastar Call Center Solution here.

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