6 Reasons Why Customers Love Yeastar Multisite Interconnect

Maybe you have heard of Yeastar Multisite Interconnect, and knew its a newly-designed branch office solution to connect dispersed phone systems under one single network. But do you really understand how it differs from the traditional ways of inter-branch connection via SIP trunking, and how it outshines to earn the favor of many of our customers?

Here we list 6 major reasons why customers love Yeastar Multiste Interconnect.

  • Explicit Role-based System

Yeastar Multisite Interconnect is built on an explicit role-based system to maximize the simplicity of a multi-office network. It allows you to designate one “headquarter” PBX and multiple “branch office” systems, where the “headquarter” PBX serves as the pivot and collaborates all others. Simply put, with only one link between a branch and the headquarter, the branch will be able to connect to all other offices, providing a simplified communications and easy management of converged voice for multi-branch operations.

  • Simple Configurations

Most VoIP systems can be connected via internet using SIP trunks, but setting a corporate phone network with such way can be very complicated due to the number of SIP trunks needed to be configured. For example, if you have 6 offices to connect, then you will need to set up 5 SIP trunk groups on each office for interconnection. That means in total you will have to set up 6×5=30 SIP trunks, let alone the required multiple outbound call routes, which is quite time-consuming and onerous.

With Yeastar Multisite Interconnect, however, things can be much easier. It allows you to register branch phone systems directly to the headquarter PBX, without having to create trunks or call routes. And no Static Public IP address or port forwarding is required on any branches, greatly saving time and effort. By connecting in this way, a network of 6 offices can be set up in minutes.For detail configuration methods, please refer to here.


  • Easy Dial Plan

One of the most noticeable benefits brought by the Multisite Interconnect is that it allows direct dial and seamless call transfer between extensions in different locations. With all phone systems in the network deploy the same dialing plan, and each system occupies a unique first dialing digit, no matter where you’d like to reach in other sites, an extension, a conference, a ring group, or even a queue, simply by dialing the number directly, you can reach the destination easily, which ensures a smoother flow of inter-office communication and eliminates the trouble of remembering multiple prefixes.

  • Secure Interconnection

The network set up by Yeastar Multisite interconnect is not only simple yet secure. The general access rules configured in the Yeastar’s “Firewall Rules” module and the IP exclusion rules set up on each branch profile has ensured that the network is protected from malicious attacks. Besides, as no port forwarding is required in any of branch offices, the potential security risk is also reduced.

  • Slashed Costs

For an enterprise with multiple office phone systems, an interconnecting network can slash communications costs significantly, as internal phone calls are completely free regardless of locations. Besides, Yeastar Multisite Interconnect also help save costs brought by the traditional way of SIP trunking. To interconnect multiple PBXs via SIP trunks, you will either need to purchase one static public IP address for every site, each with an annual fee of 1-3 thousand dollars, or to sacrifice stability and use DDNS instead, which is not entirely free either. But using Yeastar Multisite Interconnect, only one static public IP address, if necessary, is required in the whole system, which will help cut the overall expanse in the interconnection.

  • Yeastar Innovation

Yeastar Multisite Interconnect is designed exclusively for Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX and can be applied to all models across the range. Crafted to enable easy interaction and interconnection of S-Series PBXs deployed in different offices, this feature delivers a smoother call flow between offices and offer customers one additional choice for their branch office solution. The security and simplicity of this breakthrough feature has ensured that it will be quick and easy to put in place, reliable, and easy to maintain.