We are very pleased to release the new firmware version for S-Series VoIP PBX. In this new version, we primarily focused on the improvement of current features and functionalities, including API interfaces, AutoCLIP, Conference, Fax and more, to deliver enhanced user experience.

See what improvements we’ve made in the new firmware version


  • Improved the security of the default password for extensions.
  • Optimized Time Condition: Each Inbound route has a different feature code of Time condition.


API Interfaces:

  • Fixed the issue that PBX would send API reports repeatedly.
  • Fixed the issue that the call could not be terminated if the extension has more than one “Concurrent Registration”.
  • Fixed the issue that call pop-up could not work during a call pickup process.
  • Optimized DTMF API reports.


  • Fixed BLF key of Call Parking: The BLF key might not work after rebooting the PBX.
  • Fixed BLF key of BRI trunk: The call could not be terminated if you called out through the BRI trunk.


  • Fixed the issue that AutoCLIP could not match incoming caller ID.
  • Fixed the issue that AutoCLIP could not be disabled.

SIP Peer Trunk:

  • Fixed the issue that the trunk could not work if DNS-NAPTR transport was enabled for the trunk.
  • Fixed the issue the Music on Hold could not be played if the T.38 was enabled for the trunk.


  • Fixed the issue that when you transferred a call to a conference, the call would be terminated automatically.
  • Fixed the issue that pressing # to invite a conference member would fail.
  • Fixed the issue that the PBX might initiate a conference automatically.


  • Fixed the issue that sending multi-page fax would fail.
  • Fixed the compatibility issue with Yeastar TA gateway.


  • Fixed GSM/3G/4G trunk issue: PBX could detect DTMF signal correctly.
  • Fixed BRI trunk issue: When you called out through a BRI trunk, you could not hear the Music on Hold from the BRI provider.
  • Fixed the Queue issue: The Queue could not work properly if the “Satisfaction Survey” was enabled.
  • Fixed the Storage issue: The PBX would reboot automatically if the storage device was broken.
  • Fixed the issue that bulk deleting the IP addresses from IP Blocklist could not work.
  • Fixed the Hot Standby issue: The configurations of static routes could not take effect.

Download the firmware here or check for new update in your S-Series VoIP PBX Web interface. For more details, please refer to the Release Note.

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