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Over the past year, Yeastar has expertly developed Linkus and rolled out the innovative Linkus Cloud Service (LCS). Coming packed with industrial-grade cloud and encryption technology, Yeastar Linkus Cloud Service is positioned to deliver unprecedented UC experience for Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX users while setting them free from technical issues. But does it live up to the expectation?

We recently did a product survey and collected real inside feedback from shoppers like you. Now the results are in:

“Linkus Cloud Service works very well.” 

The value-added cloud service has helped thousands of Yeastar S-Series PBX users to eliminate the troublesome of port forwarding when using Linkus outside the company network and level up team communications.

Let’s meet some of their stories and reviews, behind each is an experience that matters.

Eliminated Technical Troubles

I think it is a good product and that for the installation, it is very simple to manage for the technicians.

Carlo Lucarelli
Ing. Lucarelli & C.

For on-site telephone systems, to use company network remotely often require port forwarding by professionals. But Linkus Cloud Service saves you the trouble. It allows you to use Linkus Unified Communications App anywhere with internet connection, while eliminating the burden of configuring your company router/firewall for managing the port forwarding and NAT service.

With Linkus Cloud Service, all secure remote connection of the terminals (Linkus desktop or mobile clients) will be done in the cloud within clicks. This means fast, easy deployment without the need for technical experts. And NAT issues and technical downside of port mapping can also be avoided to ensure a better call quality and securer telephone network.

Linkus Cloud Service Benefits





Boosted Unified Communications Experience

Linkus Cloud service is very convenient and functional. It can be used to satisfy various needs.”

Marcello Missiroli
reSmart di Soluzioni S.R.L

In addition to minimize Linkus-related server and network configurations, Linkus Cloud Service also provides benefits in terms of security, ease of use and functionality.

Thanks to the cloud technology utilized, it makes it possible for S-Series VoIP PBX users to enjoy Instant Messaging and File Sharing features on Linkus. The convenience of real-time team communication and collaboration in one unified platform allows ultimate flexibility and efficiency.

With Linkus Cloud Service, when a call is less convenient, just click to start a chat on Linkus to include anyone from your Company Directory. Your on-the-go salespeople, team manager back at home office, and technicians at branches can be grouped in no time for a real-time project discussion, shortening communication runaround time.

Ease of Use and Customer Satisfaction

Linkus Cloud Service is great. It’s easy to set up.” – Markus May, NETCONSULTER

It’s a great service. My clients are happy with it. The 30-day free trial was fantastic.” – Christian Bachini, TechNet S.R.L

Linkus Cloud Service comes with the ease of use and customer in mind. It helps solve the technical issues that trouble many businesses – all the while providing a secure channel of cloud communication in addition to an on-premises phone system.

If you’re an S-Series VoIP PBX user and need a UC softphone that is easy to set up for remote usage, get yourself a chance to try Linkus Cloud Service and experience how it could make a change.

Just login your S-Series PBX web interface, go to the “Linkus Server Settings” tab, enable the service, and you’ll have a 30-day full-access free trial. Or you can subscribe the service right away here.

Need more information on how Linkus Cloud Service works? Watch the short video below.

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