The new version of Yeastar Cloud PBX is available today! This update introduces several brand new features such as Call recording, WebRTC Click to Call, Conference Panel, etc. along with optimization and bug fixes to deliver better user experience.

Here is an overview of the changes brought by the latest version of Cloud PBX.


  • Call Recording: Cloud PBX now supports Call Recording feature to automatically record phone conversations and store the recording files in external storage. YMP admin can enable or disable Call Recording feature and configure recording capacity for PBXs. Each PBX has 500 free recording minutes.
  • WebRTC Click to Call: With WebRTC Click to Call feature, you are able to place the click-to-call links on any web page for initiating WebRTC calls so that your customers can call you from their browser without dialing a number.
  • Conference Panel: Conference Panel is a visual control panel for you to take full control of conference calls through the web. You can batch invite people into your current conference without dropping your current call and save all the attendees contact for next time use.
  • ITSP Configuration Template: Cloud PBX users can now add SIP trunk providers in the drop-down menu of ITSP Template with default configurations to save time and energy. Check out the supported SIP trunk providers here.
  • Added support for monitoring status of dynamic agents



  • Improved the strength of extension’s User Password and Registration Password.
  • Optimized the “Welcome Email” template: The extension’s registration password is not included in the default template.


  • The super administrator can bind an extension with his/her email address that is used for web login.
  • Added support for T.38.
  • Added email template for “Voicemail to Email” and “Fax to Email”.
  • Deleted the Name setting, added Caller ID name setting. Generally, set the user’s name as Caller ID name.

SIP Trunk

  • Added support for setting trunk password that contains special characters.
  • G711 a-law and G711 u-law are added as the default codecs.
  • Added Outbound Parameters to configure SIP parameters for outbound calls.
  • Added Transfer Parameters to configure SIP parameters for transferred calls.


  • Fixed the issue that when you transferred a call to a conference, the call would be terminated automatically.
  • Fixed the issue that the PBX might initiate a conference automatically.

Time Condition

  • Optimized Time Condition: Each Inbound route has a different feature code of Time condition.
  • Fixed the issue that BLF status of Time Condition was incorrect.

Call Features

  • Fixed BLF key of Call Parking: The BLF key might not work after rebooting the PBX.
  • Fixed Call Transfer issue: The user who performed a call transfer would stay in busy status.
  • Fixed Emergency Call issue: When making an emergency call from an extension, the called party couldn’t see
    the trunk number but the extension number.
  • Fixed the issue of “Seizing a Line to Call”: If an extension was not selected in an outbound route and Match
    Route Permission When Seizing a Line was disabled, the extension could not seize a line to call out.

For YMP users, please contact your account manager and Yeastar will help you upgrade your YMP. As for Cloud PBX users, you can contact your service providers to upgrade the system. For more details, please refer to the Release Note.


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