We’re pleased to release the new firmware version of Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX. Refreshed with enhanced security, a bundle of bug fixes and great optimization, the new version also boasts a Configuration Wizard that assists users to quickly set up the PBX, all of which allows for a more stable and secure phone system that ensures better user experience.

This version already supports the new Linkus UC Softphone. Download now to have a try. You can also upgrade your Linkus App to the latest version and enjoy the effortless Linkus configuration with Linkus Cloud Service so as to have the best Linkus experience.

Here are the improvements we’ve made to the new version:


Added Configuration Wizard: The Configuration Wizard helps an administrator to quickly set up a phone system for his/her company.


Multisite Interconnect

  • Added support for configuring multiple Extension Format.
  • Added support for displaying Branch name as Caller ID name in Headquarter.
  • Optimized the incoming caller ID and CDR.
  • Fixed the issue that inviting external users on Conference Panel could not work if Multisite Interconnect was enabled.

Remote Management

  • Fixed the issue that the devices on Remote Management Platform would be disconnected because PBX didn’t resolve domains regularly.


  • The IP address that exceeds the max failed login attempts would be listed on the PBX Block IP Address page.
  • Added Inbound Transfer interface. Through this interface, inbound calls can be transferred to different destinations, like extension, IVR, queue, etc.
  • Added Outbound Transfer interface. Through this interface, outbound calls can be transferred to different destinations, like extension, IVR, queue, etc.
  • Added Hotel Check out interface. Through this interface, PBX will do the following operations for the specific extension:
  1. Empty the extension’s voicemail box.
  2. Delete the extension’s outbound route permissions.
  3. Delete the extension’s alarms.
  4. Reset the extension’s Caller ID name setting.
  • After an IVR prompt is played, PBX will send an API report to the 3rd-party application server.
  • Optimized API reports: All the API reports include SN parameters.
  • Optimized “Call Failure” report: A specific reason of call failure will be included in the report.
  • Fixed the issue that “Call an External Number via IVR” would not generate CDR.

Auto Provisioning

  • 3 new phone models are added in Auto Provisioning, and they are Yealink T40G, VTech ET635, and VET605.

Download the firmware here or check for new update in your S-Series VoIP PBX Web interface. For more details, please refer to the Release Note.


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  1. I install S20 and T30P but it has echo when call in – out but call extension is normal, So I try to test S412 with same trunk ( analog trunks) and it has no echo. Do you have how to solve this problem ?
    We try to set echo cancellation decrease RX / TX Volume but it doesn’t work. I sale S20 for 2 pcs. and it has this problem with 2 pcs. If you have any advice please notify me. Thank you so much .

    1. Hello Watcharaporn,

      Please click here to submit your technical issue. Our support representative will reach back to you.

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