A Day in the Life of an Agile Worker with Linkus Softphone

70% of people globally work remotely at least once a week. – IWG

Softphone has been growing into the new norm in the modern workplace. With a softphone, employees have the capabilities of a business desk phone in the palm of their hands and enjoy additional UC features. In this post, let’s follow an agile worker through a typical workday to see how he uses Linkus Unified Communications App to break the border of devices, locations, and applications.

Meet Daniel, a busy account manager working at a global company that has branch offices in the US, Europe, and South Africa. Daniel is a typical agile worker who gets things done in the office, at home, and sometimes on the go while communicating with co-workers and customers using his smartphone and desktop. Linkus stays with Daniel throughout his day.

9:30 AM Attending Conference Calls via the Mobile Phone

At 9:00 o’clock, Daniel arrives at his desk in the corporate office, preparing for an upcoming meeting. To avoid any telephonic disturbances during the meeting, he uses Linkus to change his presence status into “Do Not Disturb” and set the forwarding rule to route incoming calls to voicemail. Linkus displays presence status including “available”, “offline”, “away”, “on a call”, “do-not-disturb”, “in a break” and “trip”. Users can also customize the availability status description.

Half an hour later, Daniel joins the conference using Linkus on his smartphone. Up to 9 participants are supported on an ad hoc conference call on Linkus Mobile Client. As part of a sales team whose members working in different time zones and locations, Daniel and his colleagues are quite used to this kind of “virtual” conference room. They also start group chats sometimes to share files during the meeting to provide references.

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00:10 PM Never Missing Important Calls

Daniel is waiting for a call from a prospective customer with whom he is about to close a new deal. To make sure that he stays within the reach even during the lunch break, he set the ring strategy through Linkus to ring incoming business calls on his smartphone. With Linkus, all of Daniel’s devices, no matter is a business desk phone, an Android or iOS mobile phone, a Windows or macOS desktop, can work as office extensions with one number reach and instant access to corporate contacts. Daniel can also transfer, hold, mute, and record a call with clicks on the intuitive user interface. Linkus makes the office wherever the employees need it to be.

2:00 PM A Customer Calls with a Technical Issue

Daniel picks up a call using his desk phone. It is one of his regular customers who brings about a technical issue and asks for a quick resolution. The issue is kind of complicated and Daniel finds it beyond his knowledge. With the customer’s request in hand, he quickly looks through the corporate directory in Linkus Desktop Client. The presence status indicates that George, his colleague in the technical support department, is available at the moment. He immediately reaches him through a chat with a brief description of the issue and transfers the call to George. No time is wasted addressing the problem. Linkus enables flexible working and several collaboration options.

3: 30 PM Providing Personalized Service and Transferring Calls Seamlessly

As an account manager, Daniel uses CRM platforms every day to keep track of his interactions with prospects and customers. Linkus Softphone can be integrated with popular CRM platforms, such as Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Google Contacts. An incoming call rings his Linkus Desktop Client, and a pop-up screen unfolds correspondent customer profiles. Daniel takes his headset to answer the call while the call logs being recorded in the CRM system. With the help of the contact details from both the CRM platform and the business phone system, he quickly allocates the customer’s needs and comes up with a customized solution for him.

The conversation goes well but Daniel has a scheduled meeting after a while. He easily transfers the call to his mobile phone and seamlessly continues the conversation while leaving the office.

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4:00 PM Visiting a Customer’s Site

Linkus keeps employees up to date with important messages. After walking out of the office, Daniel drives to an appointment at a customer’s site for a routine visit. After the meeting, he goes to Starbucks for a cup of coffee and takes some time to catch up with important messages on his smartphone while waiting. Linkus Softphone allows for checking missed calls, call history, voicemails, and one-touch recordings in one place with caller name and date information at a glance so that Daniel can stay informed and quickly respond to them. Unified messaging consolidates multiple contact channels into a single place, making it easier for employees to keep track of their conversations.

That’s one of Daniel’s typical workday with Linkus. Watch the video below to have a quick look at several scenarios using Linkus.

Unified communications is a quickly growing phenomenon worldwide. Coordinating with both the premise-based S-Series VoIP PBX and Cloud PBX, Linkus Softphone delivers a unified communications solution, enables boundary-less business communication experience, and allows employees to accommodate their working style and preferences. Besides efficiency improvements, having employees use Linkus on their own devices also results in a significant cost saving due to the reduced needs for expensive office hardware, 3rd party applications, and even office space.

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Do you have a mobile workforce who are asking for the communications capabilities that Daniel has? Empower them with Linkus! Download it now to experience and stay tuned. Several new features will be released in the following weeks.

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