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Workplace Management

The meeting room booking, desk booking, and visitor management systems you need to digitally transform your workplace—all in one place.

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Manage Your Workplace in a Smarter and More Efficient Way

Everything you need to build a collaborative and productive workplace, all integrated into one system.

Desk Booking

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Enable Desk Sharing & Flexible Seating

Designed for the hybrid workplace, Yeastar Workplace Desk Booking System allows employees to easily find and book available workspace that best suits their needs. Supporting desk hoteling and hot desking, it helps facilitate an agile activity-based working environment.

Create an interactive, searchable, and bookable office map

See the status of every desk and reserve yours in advance

See where your colleagues are sitting or schedule to work

Require check-in and out to confirm and cancel reservations

Auto-release unused desks with real-time occupancy data

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Visitor Management

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Manage Who Is Coming into Your Office

Designed to optimize guest experience and secure your workplace, Yeastar Workplace Visitor Management System makes it easy to track, welcome, and process different types of people entering your workplace, such as job candidates, customers, etc.

Pre-register visitors to streamline the check-in process on site

Reduce wait times at the front desk with visitor self-registration

Send email notifications to hosts instantly when guests arrive

Create custom questionnaires, such as for health screening

Maintain historical logs of all visitor activities in your facility

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Meeting Room Booking

Book a Room Whenever You Need One

Designed for modern offices and the future of work, Yeastar Workplace Meeting Room Booking System provides a straightforward way to book suitable collaboration space, manage room schedules, increase space utilization, and reduce real estate costs.

Filter search rooms by location/size/amenities and click to book

Book rooms directly from Microsoft Teams and calendar apps

Book a room, check-in and out on the spot right on displays

Auto-release booked but vacant rooms with smart sensors

Understand how your space is used with analytics reports

4 Typical Use Cases of Yeastar Workplace

See how Yeastar Workplace addresses needs for hybrid workplace, multi-story & multi-building enterprises, co-working space, and return to the office with an all-in-one solution.

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