Founded in 1915, Caja Popular de Ahorros (CPA) is a well-known insurance company in Argentina, setting up a head office and 27 branch offices throughout Tucuman and other provinces in the country. With 106 years of experience in the insurance business, it has evolved into a leading organization that manages multiple business units including Gaming, ART, Insurance, Credit Cards, and Personal Loans.


Challenges and Objectives

Caja Popular de Ahorros (CPA), has deployed NEC Central and Avaya in their offices for many years. Although the system is still in service, IT leader realizes outdated system can no longer meet up with their current needs and requirement. As their business has developed into a larger scale, what they are looking for is more than just a simple phone system. When inaugurating their new building in Tucuman, he seeks no more NEC and Avaya but opts for Yeastar P-Series PBX System to support advanced communications.

With Yeastar’s solution, CPA would like to respond to two major challenges in its new building. On the one hand, the internal communications should be smoothened and possible ways should be created to support 0800 operators to handle the calls when they are working from home. On the other hand, the supervision management team should be allowed to obtain metrics of the operators’ effectiveness, including quality audit of customer service, call volumes, and activities of each operator.


With the help of Marcelo Dulac, the Argentina-based Yeastar’s partner, 1 Yeastar P560, 2 TA810 Gateways, and 1 TA410 Gateway were deployed in CPA’s new building as the backbone to support the entire phone system. One of the reasons that CPA chooses Yeastar is its proven interoperability with any third-party analog or VoIP systems. In this project, Yeastar P-Series PBX System interoperated well with analog trunks from Telecom Argentina Company, Fanvil IP Phones, speakers, and other third-party intercom devices.

With Yeastar products coordinated with 38 Fanvil X1SP, 4 Fanvil X4/G, and 1 Fanvil X210, the communications between CPA’s two business units, Insurances and ART, are more instant and more effective than that of other offices. Linkus Mobile Client transforms the cell phones into office extensions, so the operators can handle the customers’ calls when they are working from home. Thanks to the economical Call Center solution brought by the Enterprise Plan of Yeastar P560, the Insurance and ART business units operate as two independent companies, auditing the effectiveness of customer service operators on their own.

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Results and Benefits

  • Easier and more productive internal communications between two business units
  • Flexible administration and management over customer service operators
  • Excellent mobility features and enhanced productivity via Linkus UC Clients
  • Proven interoperability with any third-party analog and VoIP systems

What’s Next

The IT leader in Caja Popular de Ahorros is highly satisfied with Yeastar’s solution. With 27 branch offices across Argentina, he considers gradually replacing the outdated NEC and AVAYA system in the near future to keep all the offices integrated and interconnected. After verifying that Yeastar solution is stable and reliable, he takes the first step and is planning to replace the phone system in the Head Office with Yeastar’s solution, where involves 500 extensions

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