The healthcare industry is competitive and patient expectations are higher than ever. With demands to deliver the highest quality patient care, having a reliable, secure and cost-effective communications solution in place is critical. To that end, Amrita Medical Center, who addresses the value of being accessible at all times, recently has replaced its outdated legacy phone system with Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX, which helps to build a professional presence for the organization with seamless communication services and active team collaboration easily realized throughout the whole patient care journey.


Amrita Medical Center, a vital ambulatory healthcare resource established in Abu Dhabi in 2003, is committed to maintaining the highest healthcare standards of excellence and levels of patient care. It now occupies 6 villas, 26 medical and dental clinics, along with a multi-national team of highly experienced professional staff in various fields of Medical, Surgical, Dental, Radiology, Physiotherapy, and Laboratory.


Having to handle a good many of emergency calls 24 hours a day, the healthcare center is in urgent need to switch to a stable telephony network so as to improve workflow productivity while slashing costs. Yet outdated analog PBX system offered little flexibility and scalability. Its lack of intelligent call management feature has retarded the response of calls and, what’s worse, required much manual effort that would otherwise be invested in patient care. In addition, the existing TAD 100 Panasonic Analog PBX was not capable of giving the advanced features of the IP PBX. Some essential call features for a healthcare phone system, like call recording, were charged as a bolt, which made the overall communication cost spiraled.


Amrita Medical Center needed a full VoIP solution that could accommodate its communication needs in a 24/7/365 hospital environment while giving a huge cost saving. Considering this, one Yeastar S300 VoIP PBX was deployed to the organization, collaborating with Yealink phones, to help the organization streamline workflow, enhance service level with advanced telephony features and benefit from the best-in-class IP PBX functionality, reliability and affordability.

With the help of DVCOM Technology, Yeastar authorized distributor in the GCC region, and First Emirate Computer, Yeastar reseller, the solution was deployed successfully in a matter of hours. By the deployment of the solution, Amrita Medical Center has gained momentum for its business in two ways: an increase in the quality of care services and a decrease in Phone system operating costs.

Solution Highlight and Benefits

1. Less Time spent on Call Handling and More time on Patients

Intelligent call management granted by Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX system has ensured the organization the possibility to automate and simplify the workday. The robust call routing, IVR, and call transfer feature has facilitated the communications between branches and reduced the time in connecting doctors and patients. Besides, the integration possibility of S-Series VoIP PBX with Salesforce has put patients at the center of medical decisions more than ever and more personalized healthcare services are able to be delivered.

2. Enhanced Responsiveness and Doctor-patient Connectivity

With Linkus mobile clients designed to cooperate with S-Series VoIP PBX, the organization staff are now allowed to improve responsiveness and always be contactable via their extension. Furthermore, the mobile client acting as a ward extension also enables patients, especially senior ones, to stay connected when they are out for a walk in case of any emergency situations.

3. Features Like Call Recording and User Permission Control Readily Available

As a reference for queries, call recording is sometimes required by the medical center, which is now made easier with the free built-in automatic recording feature. The new secure system allows them to instantly find recordings through simple filtering, saving valuable time searching for the desired file. Besides, the patient privacy protection is also enhanced with the advanced user permission control, with which the phone system administrator can decide who has the privilege to fetch call logs, call recording, and voicemail messages.

4. One-time Investment and Reduced Communication Cost

By installing S-Series VoIP PBX, the organization has maximized their ROI with one-time investment, as all features and firmware updates for Yeastar PBX are free, with no maintenance fees. In addition, the communication cost of the organization has been reduced considerably thanks to the free internal calls.

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