Yeastar have been offering high quality VoIP products to businesses and service providers for over 10 years. Now with the advantages of the cloud, we infuse new blood to our product line. Last week, Yeastar officially opened the Beta Program for the brand new Yeastar Cloud PBX and all enthusiasts are welcomed to test the Yeastar Management Plane (YMP).

Still new to YMP Beta Program? No worries. This post will help you find out why it is so compelling and why you should grab the chance to join it.

1. Time to Embrace the Cloud

In recent years, “cloud” has become a hot term in telecommunication industry. When making such a transition, many are skeptical about what good it may bring them, and what value it could add to their business. Now let the facts speak for themselves. Infonetics Research expects the global cloud PBX and unified communications market to reach $12 billion in 2018. It is predicted that there will be over 60 million hosted seats in service. It is the right time to seize the market. Yeastar always stays agile and responsive to customer needs in the dynamic market. Incorporating many powerful features that come from the cloud, YMP represents the continued innovation of Yeastar.

2. Thrive with Yeastar Cloud PBX

Cloud communications is a field with competition and opportunity. Yeastar Cloud PBX is designed to unlock hosted PBX for you while keep you in the peace of mind.

  • Central Management: Starting with a hassle-free deployment process, resellers and service providers can leverage the YMP to constantly monitor the pulse of their business and stay in control, such as changing user capacity for instances, through an intuitive and easy-to-us platform. It is all at your fingertips.
  • Flexibility: With YMP, scaling up and down service is just a piece of cake, thus hosted partners can easily accommodate fluctuating business demands and be well position in the rapidly changing marketplace.
  • Functionality: Each instance is able to deliver a full suite of compelling features inherited from the market proven S-Series VoIP PBX. All of these features allow you to provide customers with streamlined and elegant communication experience.
  • Mobility and Collaboration: For businesses with more than one site, Yeastar Cloud PBX allows all users located in geographically dispersed places experiencing the same features from the same PBX. Moreover, with Linkus Mobile Client, you are able to transition seamlessly between desk phone and mobile. Thus, remote and mobile workers can access and use the phone system anywhere over the Internet access, whether it is at home or in a coffee shop.
  • Reliability: Yeastar Cloud PBX is a multi-instance PBX. That is to say, since each instance is independent of the other, better security and reliability is guaranteed along with customized offerings. Also, a simple online update will keep the phone system current. YMP is tailored to your specific business needs and fully-equipped to drive your business efficiency.

3. Have A Say in Future YMP Release

Testing YMP before it is publicly available could be a huge benefit for you. You are provided the chance to learn about the new product before it reaches wider release and get prepared for the final version. In other words, you are one step ahead of the pack. Besides, as a beta tester, your feedback plays a direct role in shaping the future of YMP. What bugs still need fixing? What could be improved, added, or taken away? All suggestions, improvements and new feature requests regarding the performance of YMP are highly welcome. The Yeastar team will review your feedback and integrate all feasible enhancements to the release that hits the market. This is your great chance to influence what is delivered in the final release. We can join forces to make YMP exceptional.

4. Get Extra Perks from the Beta Program

During the Beta testing period, beta testers will get 10 times reward, which is 990USD or 1990USD off perpetual or annual license. This is a huge added benefits for enthusiasts and our loyal customers. It is exclusive for beta testers only, and aimed at soliciting more constructive feedback and giving our testers a head start in the hosted PBX market. This reward could be a great saving for your business. Yeastar always wants to prosper together with our dedicated partners. Therefore, the Beta Program can be a win-win for all. This is your best chance to earn such a nice perk. It’s now or never.

Beta tester application has already begun and will last until mid-October. Click to find more about Yeastar Cloud PBX and the Beta Program. With all these benefits, what are you waiting for? Come join the Beta Program now!

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