Flexible Seating

What Is Flexible

Flexible seating stands in contrast to assigned seating. Unlike the traditional assigned seating arrangement, no worker has a set seat in flexible seating; instead, they can move around their office as they like. They get to choose to work in whichever location makes them most comfortable. From open areas to private rooms. From stools to chairs and sofas. It brings greater flexibility to the office and contributes to building a more human-centric work environment.

How Can Flexible
Seating Impact
Office Productivity?

Flexible working and sitting can have a good influence on your employees’ productivity, to put it precisely. Everyone enjoys having some control over their daily routine. This control not only allows them to be self-sufficient, but it also allows them to self-evaluate their flaws and create permanent good adjustments in their work attitude. Workers begin to like their jobs as they grow more productive. Those who consistently provide higher-quality work on schedule get rewarded more frequently. Appreciation increases employee commitment, which motivates people to come to work with more excitement.

More Benefits of
Flexible Seating

Increase space utilization

Reduce real estate costs

Boost a greater sense of autonomy

Create better employee experience

Reduce absenteeism

Contribute to launching hybrid work model

Flexible seating
vs. Hot desking

Hot desking
Employees can book and use any available workstation instead of having a fixed workplace or assigned seats. As they arrive at work, they can reserve a workstation based on current availability. Hot desking’s goal is to optimize space efficiency while reducing superfluous office space.

Flexible seating vs. Hot desking
Hot desking falls under the umbrella of flexible seating, together with desk hoteling, reverse desk hoteling, activity-based work, flex desking, and more. Their main goal is to build a more human-centric work environment and help employees reach their full potential as opposed to the traditional workspace.

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