Space Utilization

What Is Space

Space utilization is a valuable metric for determining how much of your office space is being used against how much is lying idle (i.e., being wasted).

Workplace efficiency and productivity are found to be closely related to space utilization, and in the meantime, more and more businesses are attempting to maximize the utilization of all available space in their buildings.

While it’s critical to maximize every square inch in order to create a productive environment, it’s much more than cramming as many people into a bunch of cubicles. Combining design and functionality in such a way that they work in perfect harmony is what it is all about.

Why Does Space
Utilization Matter?

Employee productivity and office efficiency go hand in hand with space utilization, as previously stated. Also, as the trend of hybrid work grows, employees are leaning towards a flexible work model where they will be spending much of their time working remotely. Business leaders need to take this factor into account in order to avoid a huge waste of corporate assets.

The benefits of reasonable utilization of workspaces are listed below:

Maximize space use

Reduce overhead costs

Improved productivity

Better employee experience

Build an agile working environment

Build a future-ready office

Better sustainability

How to Measure
Space Utilization

There are some useful tools and metrics for us to measure the space utilization in our office:

Average utilization

Meeting room utilization rates

Meeting Density

Average desk occupancy

Peak utilization
(the maximum number of employees occupying a specific area of the office, such as a meeting room)

Peak frequency
(the measurement of how frequently a space is fully utilized in a given period)

Practices to Improve
Space Utilization
in Your Office

If you’re looking to optimize the use of space in your office, you may want to consider the following practices:

Include your employees in the process and ask for feedback

Use IoT sensors (such as people counting sensors) to get real-time utilization metrics

Use meeting room management systems for better use of meeting space

Promote an agile work environment and adopt flexible working models, such as activity-based working

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