Ghost Meeting

What is a
Ghost Meeting?

A ghost meeting is also known as a no-show meeting. It happens when someone books a meeting but fails to show up. The unattended meetings cause great waste of the meeting room resources. Because rooms with unattended meetings will be marked as occupied on the shared booking calendar. It also hurts workplace productivity as employees are spending extra time looking for an available meeting room.

How to Eliminate
Ghost Meetings?

Companies can deploy a meeting room booking system together with smart sensors to reduce ghost meetings.

It starts with a central booking and management platform, where employees can check real-time room availability and schedule a meeting room. And the system will require the participant to check in for the meeting when they show up. If they fail to check in, the room will be released after a period of time.

Some meetings might end earlier than it was scheduled. In this case, the meeting room might also be wasted. So the meeting room booking system needs a “check-out” feature to make the room available for booking again.

Check-in and check-out are good booking habits but they need to be done manually. We can deploy smart sensors in meeting rooms to detect room occupancy and automatically release a room when the sensor detects that no one is in the room.

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