People Counting Sensor

What is a
People Counting

As the name suggests, the people counting sensor is a type of sensor that counts people and are widely seen installed in the modern workspace, especially in meeting rooms, to monitor room occupancy and utilization in real-time.

As we enter the era of modern workplaces, smart sensors including the people counting sensor serve as a link between the physical and digital workplace and enable us to stay updated with what’s going on in our meeting room spaces.


How does People
Counting Sensor

A people counting sensor does not work on its own. It usually collaborates with a meeting room booking system to show how many people are in a conference room and automatically checks employees into a room by detecting their presence.

Take Yeastar People Counting Sensor, for example, the process can be broken into 3 steps:

Step 1: Count

Yeastar people counting sensor detects room occupancy by using AI technology. The detection algorithm counts people by identifying shoulders and heads.

2 shoulders + 1 head = 1 person

Therefore, it is suggested that businesses install their people counting sensors on the ceiling to ensure accurate detection.

Step 2: Transmit

This step is completed with the help of a LoRaWAN gateway, which acts as a bridge that connects people counting sensors to the internet.

Firstly, the sensors transmit the data to the gateways via LoRaWAN technology, and then, the gateways will redirect the data again to the server of the meeting room booking system via the internet.

Step 3: Report

Once received the data sent by the people counting sensors through the LoRaWAN gateway, employers can go to the meeting room booking system, in this case, Yeastar Workplace Server, and learn how their meeting spaces are being used. For example, how many meetings take place per day and week? Which period is the busiest in a day that all meeting rooms are occupied?

With all these informative insights, businesses can spot opportunities to further unleash the potential of meeting room resources

Below is a quick video for further demonstration:

How People Counting
Sensor Can Benifit
Your Workplace?

Eliminate ghost meetings

One of the biggest perks of incorporating people counting sensors into your company is how it helps to eliminate ghost or no-show meetings.

If a room is booked and yet no one shows up, then the room will be automatically released (because people counting sensors detects zero presence) and become available again on the booking system.

Unlock the potential of meeting room resources

As people counting sensors detect zero presence in a room, it automatically releases it, which means the room opens up and other people get to book it right away on the meeting room booking system.

This collaboration between people counting sensors and meeting room booking systems exerts tremendous impact in the workplace. The auto-release functionality greatly helps to maximize space utilization rate and allows businesses to unlock greater potential of the meeting room resources.

Minimize deployment costs

For one Yeastar People Counting Sensor, the detection area is up to six by eight square meters, which means fewer sensors are needed, significantly decreasing deployment costs and saving budgets.

Spot opportunities to improve room utilization

Spot opportunities to optimize room utilization in your workplace by studying data collected by the people counting sensors. There are several indicators to look out for (listed below) that point out the direction of where to improve.

  • Total Meeting Length
  • Meeting Density
  • Room Utilization Rate
  • Time Saved from Auto-release
  • Unattended Ranking

Will People
Counting Sensor
Invades My Privacy?

No, it will not. As mentioned above, Yeastar people counting sensors count people by pairing shoulders and heads, and the process does not involve any facial recognition.

Besides, only counter values are transmitted over the LoRaWAN® network, which also greatly reduces the risks of data leakage.

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