People Counting Sensor & Room Comfort Sensor

Accurate & Reliable

The people counting sensor features a detection area of up to 48 m2 and 95% accuracy based on advanced AI identification and analysis technology.

Privacy Protected

100% anonymous. No image data is collected. Free from privacy concerns. Only counter values are transmitted via the LoRaWAN® network.


With people counting sensors continuously detecting if a room is taken or not, booked yet abandoned and early-ended meetings will be automatically freed up.

Real-time Synchronization

With occupancy and attendance data synced to the online booking platform and room displays in real-time, employees can see them instantly to avoid interrupted meetings.

Optimum Indoor Comfort

The room comfort sensor can measure temperature, humidity, light, CO2 concentration, and TVOC and display these data on the E-ink screen with emotional indicator in real-time.

Centralized Management

Yeastar Workplace provides a management portal for users to allocate smart devices to different meeting space and see in real time their online/offline status.

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