Meeting Room Booking System

What is a
Meeting Room
Booking System?

Meeting room booking system is a centralized booking system that organizes and streamlines the process of coordinating meetings and reserving rooms and space for those meetings. It is an advanced solution that allows businesses to better manage their office space and the way it is used.

People often underestimate how powerful a meeting room booking system can be. In addition to meeting room bookings, the system is capable of plenty of things, such as

Schedule meetings (regular, recurring, etc.)

Book meeting rooms (from desktop & on mobile devices)

Filter & find rooms by room capacity, amenities, etc.

Integrate with your calendar (Outlook, Google, etc.)

Send reminders to attendees before meetings

Send notifications to attendees in case of any changes

Display schedules in a grid view


Elevate Your Meeting
Room Booking System

If incorporated with additional hardware, such as digital signage and smart sensors, your system will be elevated to a whole new level.

Yeastar Workplace is a case in point. Together with Room Display, People Counting Sensor, and Room Comfort Sensor, it can do so much more than just organize meetings:

Detect real-time room occupancy

Display room status (empty or occupied) in real-time

Auto-release rooms if no one shows up

Allows walk-up reservations and meeting check-ins

Collect space utilization data

Provide informative insights into space utilization

Measure temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, etc. of a room

Visualize the room comfort level


meeting room booking system

Meeting Room
Booking System
Transform Your

The system is packed with perks and is set to transform your workplace.

Spend less time organizing meetings

It streamlines the process and enables employees to organize meetings effortlessly with just a few clicks. More importantly, it empowers employees to select the room that best suits their needs. Book the right room at the right time!

Prevents double bookings

With everything displayed on a single platform that all employees have access to, it helps prevent meeting booking nightmares that have been haunting your office in the past, such as double bookings.

Reduce ghost meetings

The meeting room booking system collaborates with people counting sensors and room displays. When a room is reserved and yet nobody shows up, the sensor will free up the room, and simultaneously, the room status will also be updated from occupied to available on the system, which helps to reduce ghost meetings and increase space utilization.

Cut administrative costs

It automates the process and spares businesses the costs of hiring a specific staff to take charge of meeting room bookings.

Better office, happier workforce

To conclude, the meeting room booking system elevates employee experience by making things a lot easier. It future-proofs your workplace and is indeed a winning factor in the world of modern workplaces.

It shouldn't be difficult to book the right space.
Let us help!

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