Digital Workplace

What Is
Digital Workplace?

Digital Workplace is a virtual equivalent of the physical workspace. It contains all the applications, tools, and data that employees need to communicate and collaborate, in one single platform. Employees will be able to easily access the necessary information and stay connected anywhere and anytime. Especially in this challenging period of time, team members are working geographically dispersed at home or in the office, a digital workplace allows them to collaborate seamlessly and efficiently.

Digital Workplace

In most organizations, the digital workplace technologies can be grouped in 5 categories to support the employees and deliver business results. You don’t necessarily need all these components, the technologies should always be aligned with your digital workplace initiatives.


Messaging, email, calls, virtual meetings are all examples of communication tools. With digital workplace, all communication channels are accessible for employees to communicate with their co-workers and customers, no matter where they are.


Besides real-time collaboration tools like Slack and Teams, collaboration also includes tools that people use to share and find information and knowledge. It helps teams to streamline processes, manage projects, and automate repetitive tasks.


Digitalizing workflows and shifting programs online also expose organizations to potential cyber threats. So digital workplace is about securing and simplifying access from anywhere.

Business Applications

Business applications like CRM, ERP, and HR system enable employees to access self-service applications online.


Digital workplace technologies don’t work in silos, and organizations will be poured with massive amounts of data collected from all the tools. Analyzing the data helps organizations measure behaviors, discover patterns, and gain actionable insights.

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