What is

IWMS is short for Integrated Workplace Management System. It integrates multiple platforms to optimize facility management, workplace management, capital project management, and portfolio management. It bring all your workplace data points together to continuously collect data. With all the data and analysis, IWMS can help to track utility usage, manage movement and seating, plan for scheduled maintenance, and make informed decisions about the workplace.

in of IWMS

An IWMS platform can streamline processes, reduce operational costs, and provide valuable insights about the workplace. Some of the common applications are:

IWMS allows facilities managers to analyze current data and plan for future expansion. They can also use it to manage relocation and seating planning.

IWMS software can be used to book and manage facilities like meeting rooms, desks, lockers, parking lots, etc. So building users and visitors have an optimal booking experience while improving the overall efficiency.

IWMS software tracks energy consumption so it can be further optimized to save costs.

Use IWMS software to visualize the data, analyze trends and predict evolutions.

Real estate IWMS to track and report lease accounting data.

Benefits of IWMS

Bring all the data points together to turn data into insights

Capture occupancy data to make better use of the space

Reduce operational and maintenance efforts and costs

Provide a pleasant and productive and workplace experience

Organize real estate usage and streamline lease administration

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