What Is Check-in?

Check-in is the process of an employee confirming the meeting room reservation. To prevent no-show meetings, you can set up a timescale beyond which if a meeting room is not checked in, the space will be released for others to book. It might seem a small feature but can make a huge impact on your workplace availability and space utilization. Normally, employees are asked to check in on the touch-screen meeting room display mounted outside the room.

Why Is Meeting Room
Check-in Important?

Imagine this – you are in a hush of finding an available room for an impromptu meeting with a very important client. The last thing you want is that all rooms are occupied which unfortunately seems to be through the online booking system. What if such a situation happens once in a while in your organization but there are actually vacant rooms shown as booked? Quite a big waste of space resources, isn’t it?

That is called a ghost meeting or zombie meeting. Employees may accidentally forget to cancel room reservations from time to time so you need a signal from them like “I am attending the scheduled meeting” to make sure the room is actually in use. That’s what the check-in feature can help. Require employees to simply tap the check-in button on the meeting room display before the meeting to secure the room or else it will be freed up. Problem solved.

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