Desk Booking

Why Desk Booking:
Flexible Seating

Traditionally, every employee is assigned a specific desk. Things have changed in a hybrid working environment. With employees splitting their week or taking shifts in-office and remote, workplace leaders are rethinking the permanent seating assignment to cut down real estate costs and ensure compliance with social distancing requirements. The most welcome solutions are desk hoteling and hot desking.

As its name suggests, desk hoteling allows employees to reserve an available desk in advance while hot desking works on a “first-come, first-served” basis where employees simply show up and claim an available desk. Many organizations adopt both flexible seating strategies to give employees the freedom to reserve any available seats at their preference whenever they need it, avoiding some space sitting empty for a good portion of time. That’s where desk booking systems can help.

What Is Desk Booking?

Desk booking is the process of leveraging workplace scheduling technology for self-serve seating assignments and maximizing the use of office space. It has never been more important as we enter a new era of hybrid working and it is what your employees would expect when they return to work.

Normally, desk booking systems enables employees to reserve workspace via online platforms, mobile apps, and digital signages. Being easily accessible, intuitive, and straightforward is the key to creating a user-friendly booking experience that encourages your employee to truly use the system, which means employees should be able to book whenever and wherever needed. Whether through online platforms or mobile apps, give them options to filter search, check desk status, and find colleagues.

Calendar apps are so common in our everyday schedule management that you have to take them into consideration when opting for a desk booking system. It will save employees tons of time by allowing them to reserve desks right from their Outlook, Google, or other calendar apps, and vice versa, sync bookings from the booking systems to their calendar apps.

Benefits of Desk
Booking Systems

A more automated booking process that allows employees to self-serve according to specific needs without additional manual processes.

Enhance visibility including occupancy status, accurate locations, available equipment, and more useful details.

Analytics and reporting for more insights into desk booking trends, office density, the busiest and most used space, and more.

Added flexibility in the booking process, seating assignment, space management, and overall hybrid work strategy.

Cost savings in real estate with an increased ability to accommodate more employees with fewer dedicated space.

Adherence to social distancing guidelines and a safer return to the workplace with limited spaces available for use.

It shouldn't be difficult to book the right space.
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