We are very pleased to the announce the new firmware update version for TG Series VoIP GSM Gateway*. This version focuses majorly on enhanced stability, optimized SMS feature, an exciting new Port Monitor Tool for troubleshooting, and tons of minor fixes, which will further improve productivity for both administrator and users.

See what’s new in the firmware version


  1. Added Port Monitor Tool for troubleshooting on web.


  1. Improved the stability of the TG gateway.
  2. Compatible with Yeastar MySMS.
  3. Optimized IP Blocklist function.
  4. Optimized Email to SMS: supported sending email to multiple mobile numbers (Max. 10).
  5. Optimized Virtual Ring Back Tone setting: supported 180 Ringing with SDP.
  6. Supported configuring two IP address for LAN/WAN port.
  7. Optimized web interface.
  8. TG gateway will respond 200OK to OPTIONS packets by default.


  1. Fixed the VoIP Register Trunk issue: if the trunk has multiple DID numbers, Mobile to IP route could not work.
  2. Fixed the VoIP Account Trunk issue: if you connected TG and the PBX by a VoIP Account trunk, IP to Mobile route could not work.
  3. Fixed the IAX Account Trunk issue: if you set DID number on IP to Mobile route, the IP to Mobile route could not work.
  4. Fixed the issue that TG gateway could not identify SIM cards.
  5. Fixed the issue that a certain GSM/3G/4G module would have problem if you rebooted multiple GSM/3G/4G modules.
  6. Fixed the Send SMS issue: the received SMS would contain messy codes.
  7. Fixed the issue that GSM/3G/4G trunk might not work.
  8. Fixed the issue that if an SMS has many contents, the SMS could not be sent successfully through a 4G module.
  9. Fixed the issue that USSD function could not work.
  10. Fixed the Backup and Restore issue: the TG gateway could not restore a correct SSH setting from the backup file.

*This upgrade does not include TG100.

Download the firmware here. For more information, please refer to the Release Note.

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  1. I have tried updating the firmware but the TG400 is not accepting I am having issues with the TG400 selecting only one sim to dial even when I define outbound pattern Am really very disapointed in yeastar this is taking a lot of my time Please copy Goip firmware its easy to setup

  2. tengo un TG400 que dejo de registrar en la red los sim . No me lee sim card que sean 3Go 4G

    1. Hola Wálter, ¿podrías hacer clic aquí para enviar un ticket para que nuestro especialista de soporte técnico te ayude a resolver el problema?

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