It’s now even easier to self-host and manage Yeastar P-Series Phone System in Google Cloud!

After undergoing thorough compatibility tests, Yeastar P-Series Phone System (Software Edition) is now officially listed on the Google Cloud Marketplace. What does that mean? You can now easily deploy Yeastar P-Series through Google Cloud Marketplace directly into your Google Cloud account, saving you time and money to spend elsewhere.

This is the 4th cloud marketplace where Yeastar P-Series is listed – alongside our earlier entries into Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, and Vultr, and we are working on Amazon AWS as well.

By utilizing the dedicated specifically for Google Cloud, resellers and customers can easily run their Yeastar P-Series from the same account and stay in full control of the P-Series installation.

Getting Started

This official method of deployment allows you to deploy Yeastar P-Series on Google Cloud in minutes, bypassing any additional steps.

Before the installation, you first need to obtain a P-Series license from Yeastar partners or via 30-day PBX free trial here. The license will not be available for purchase through Google. Next, head over to the Google Cloud Marketplace and complete the installation process with just a few clicks. If you’re new to Google Cloud, create your Google account first and take advantage of their free trial.

Check out our step-by-step guide to try out Yeastar P-Series on Google Cloud now.

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