New Firmware
We are very pleased to release the new firmware version for S-Series VoIP PBX, version for Cloud PBX, and version for K2 IP PBX. This firmware update introduces new features like Voicemail Sharing and a bunch of optimization, providing enhanced stability, security, and user experience. We recommend you update the firmware as soon as possible.

New Features

Voicemail Sharing:In the new version, you have two options to manage voicemail messages centrally and efficiently:

  1. Subscribe BLF keys on a phone to monitor multiple extensions’ voicemail status.
  2. Receive multiple extensions’ voicemail messages from one mailbox.


Stability & Security

  • Improved system stability: The system might hang after changing and applying configurations on the web interface.
  • Optimized the system startup process to ensure that a large number of SIP extensions can be registered.
  • Improved the stability of Hot Standby. (S-Series and K2)
  • Fixed the issue on Limited Country Access setting page: If all countries were configured to allow to access the PBX, the country lists would disappear. (Cloud PBX)

Recording & Storage

  • Fixed the issue that the recording contents would be lost.
  • Fixed the recording issue: When recording files were stored in a network disk, certain recording files could not be played if the network disk was deleted and recreated. (S-Series and K2)
  • Fixed the storage issue: Format external storage devices would fail. (S-Series and K2)

System Logs

  • The system will automatically trace API relevant logs and generate an apisrv.log file which is contained in the compressed system log file.
  • Optimized Logs AutoCleanup setting: The default setting of Max Size of Total Logs is 10MB.

SIP Relevant

  • Optimized SIP trunk: Added supported for getting DID from P-Called-Party-ID header.
  • Added global Inband Progress setting (PBX > General > SIP > Advanced).
  • Optimized All Busy Mode for SIP Forking: PBX will send “486 Busy” to the caller to indicate that the callee is busy.
  • Optimized DND Status Synchronization setting: DND Status Synchronization is disabled by factory default settings.


  • Fixed the extension issue: User Agents settings would be incorrect after edition and apply.


  • The maximum length of DOD Name is limited to 31 characters.
  • In the earlier version, the maximum length of DOD Name was 15 characters.

Web Interface

  • Updated Russian and Italian web interface.

Auto Provisioning

  • Updated Russian and Italian web interface.
  • Optimized Auto Provisioning template: Blank spaces are allowed in the Name field.
  • Optimized the compatibility of Auto Provisioning and Hot Standby(S-Series and K2)
  • Fixed the Auto Provisioning template issue: The customized parameters on the template would be lost. (Cloud PBX)

How to Upgrade

  • S-Series VoIP PBX: You can check for the new upgrade in your S-Series VoIP PBX web interface.
  • Cloud PBX: Please check for the new version in the web interface or contact your service provider to upgrade the system.
  • K2 IP PBX: Please download the new firmware here.

For more info and details, please refer to the release notes for S-Series VoIP PBX, Cloud PBX, and K2 IP PBX.

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