To meet more demands proposed by customers, Yeastar has been committed to updating and expanding the functionality of S-Series VoIP PBX. Everything comes to him who waits. Yeastar has successfully achieved breakthroughs again and again. Based on previous versions, the latest firmware update this time, version, realizes another revolutionary leap by adding support for some new apps and updating multi-language Web GUI as well as optimizing the overall features and settings.

See what’s new in the new firmware version


  • Added Hotel App.
  • Added char utile h+ Integration App.
  • Added QueueMetrics Live Integration App.


  1. Updated Russian Billing system Web GUI.
  2. Updated French and Italian system Web GUI.
  3. Updated Turkish, Spanish, and Hebrew system prompts.
  4. Changed all the default system music on hold files to the Asterisk version 13.
  5. Optimized the following Settings: DOD Settings, Auto Cleanup settings,System Email Password Setting, SIP Outbound SIP Registrations Setting.
  6. Optimized the following features: SIP feature, DID Settings, FXO Settings, SLA feature, Event Center, Static Route, User Permission, SIP DID feature, Call Transferring, Voicemail feature, SIP Caller ID feature, Auto Cleanup feature, Conference Call Panel, CDR and Recordings feature, FXO Hangup Detection feature.


Fixed the following issues: PBX reboot issue, BLF LED status issue, Voicemail issue, Auto Provisioning issue, Emergency Call issue, Time Condition issue, Time Condition issue, SMS issue,Email to SMS issue, compatibility issue, DID number matching issue, Hot Standby issue,Paging Group issue, Auto Defense issue, Voicemail issue, File Share issue, ring group issue, Outbound route issue, Backup and Restore issue, User Permission issue, Automatic Upgrade issue, CDR and Recordings issue, NAT issue, extension IP Restriction issue, IAX issues.

For more details, please refer to the Release Note for Yeastar S-Series .

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