Yeastar’s flexible phone system design provides you with telephony connection modules that can be customized to the specific way your dial tone is delivered.

One of the best ways to future-proof your phone system is with the brand new S-Series VoIP PBX.

For starters, the S-Series has the latest technology including Texas Instruments Voice Processors, Freescale ARM A9 industrial grade Quad Core CPU, increased RAM, and Samsung Flash Memory.

Add in the S-Series’ dramatic feature enhancements, vastly improved UI, powerful new apps, and upgradable modules combined with aggressive pricing for dealers and their customers, you have an affordable phone system that will scale with growth for years to come.

The S-Series uses easy to install color coded modules that allow you to upgrade a variety of features and functionality including the number of SIP users, concurrent call capacity, and type of telephony connection (FXO, FXS, SIP, ISDN BRI, E1/T1/PRI, GSM/3G/WCDMA).

Two of the S-Series PBX’s, the S100 and S300, also allow you to scale the total number of registered extensions.

The S100 and S300 support two different expansion boards:

  • EX08 Expansion Board: Includes 4 module slots and 8 interfaces
  • EX30 Expansion Board: Includes 1 E1/T1/PRI port

S100 and S300 can also expand system capacity by adding DSP module D30. Each D30 module can add 100 SIP users and 30 concurrent calls.

A small investment in a modular phone system like the S-Series sets you up for future needs, making “rip and replace” a thing of the past, and allowing you to make upgrades whenever you need to.

Interchangeable modular slots on our business class Hybrid PBX N412 come with 8 pre-configured FXS ports and it is customizable with 4 additional module slots.

The N412’s module slots give you the flexibility and choice of a combination of FXS, FXO and BRI interfaces.

The major benefit of Yeastar’s modular design is cost .

Buyers of Yeastar module PBX’s won’t have to buy a new PBX every time they need to add users, connect analog phones, add a fax machine, connect a GSM channel, or add PSTN fallback capabilities.

You can’t always predict what direction your business will take you but you can always rely on your Yeastar PBX to grow and adapt as your needs change.

Why You Need a Modular Phone System

Dealers of telephony equipment now have an affordable, flexible option, that allows their customers the latest productivity features and the ability to connect their PBX regardless of their choice of telephony connection.

Consider these flexible options:

  • Rural Areas: Are you in a rural area with poor internet, and high PSTN costs? No problem, implement the GSM/Cellular functionality.
  • Outgrowing RJ11 Lines: Are you outgrowing their old RJ11 lines? Great! Add SIP trunks from a wide range of supported providers, some of whom offer dealer programs of their own.

Yeastar modular phone systems put choice back into the customer’s hands.

No longer are dealers forced to accept skimpy margins from selling hosted service, while driving up their customer’s overall phone bill.

As a dealer, you won’t have to sell an overpriced PBX to your customer only because they need a certain “advanced” feature, or when a hosted solution isn’t an option.

The Yeastar module phone system options provide a huge win for growing companies that rely on their phone system to drive business with enhanced communications.

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