Yeastar MyPBX Solution for Pronto


Pronto is a consumer-finance company based in Uruguay that provides tailored credit packages to a customer base of over 250,000 customers and almost 130,000 active Visa cardholders. The firm has more than 650 employees.


Since being founded, Pronto had grown to 36 branches in four areas across Uruguay. Facing such a range of different locations, Pronto suffered from spiraling communications costs, both in terms of call charges and maintenance. With calls between sites costing approx. $114,000 per month, Pronto had considered to look for a cost effective solution for both voice and data communications between its own branches and with the outside world.


The solution chosen by Pronto is based on Yeastar MyPBX U-Series with excellent performance. 36 MyPBX were deployed to connect all branches and head office. Inter-branch calling among Pronto branch offices is free-of-charge, regardless of the employees’ location. Another important benefit is that outbound call cost has been dramatically reduced through MyPBX installed in the head office.


With the addition of MyPBX, Pronto’s call charges have been slashed by 74%. MyPBX solution offers the flexibility to collaborate multi-site offices. It offers the cost-effective calling between offices and long distance calls, reduces telephony costs with operation, and improves staff efficiency.

S-Series VoIP PBX for Financial Companies

Yeastar products are ideal for financial services companies. Not only MyPBX, S-Series PBX with more powerful performance and richer features, can meet the demand of these companies for improving operational efficiency and maximizing enterprise benefits. Yeastar S-Series PBX delivers a complete solution that blends the best of VoIP.

S-Series PBX connects PSTN and VoIP networks to lower communication costs. The embedded system makes management and maintenance easy with intuitive Web interface, ensuring carrier-grade operation and reliability. S-Series PBX exhibits strong compatibility, which will allow networking with various traditional PBX to preserve previous investment on traditional systems. The advanced solution can support financial services providers with a single office and business with multiple branches spreading nationally.

Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX Solution Highlights

  • Significant cost saving over inter-office and long distance calls

Make free calls among offices and reduce long distance call charges with VoIP networks.

  • Increase workforce collaboration

S-Series PBX solution enables businesses to have location independent communication between branch offices.

  • Robust telephony features

The solution can connect all branches into one network and bring multiple new, productivity-enhancing features and enhancements.

  • Hassle-free management

The intuitive web-based GUI makes configuration and management of multiple devices easy and convenient.

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