Speed Dial

Make calls quickly without consulting the phone book by a short dialing number.

What is speed dial?

Speed dial is a feature that allows you to use a short code to a number that the users frequently dial. It is available in Yeatsar phone system for people to call someone quickly without having to look up his/her phone number. You can place a call by pressing a reduced number.

How to use the speed dial?

Sometimes, when you need to make a quick call and struggle to remember long telephone numbers, you can easily set up a speed dial shortcut. By defining a speed dial code, you can dial {prefix}+{speed_dial_number} to quickly call an assigned phone number.

Here’s how it works:

Speed Dial Number: This is the shorter number you assign to the desired phone number.

Prefix: The code used to access the speed dial feature.

For instance, let’s say we set 1 as the code for the number 5503301. To dial this number, you would simply dial *991, where *99 represents the prefix and 1 is the speed-dial code that was assigne.

What is the difference between Speed Dial and Auto Dial?

Speed dial and auto dial are two different features used in VoIP phone systems to quickly call pre-defined numbers.

Speed Dial: As mentioned above, speed dial allows users to assign numbers to quick-access keys. It eliminates the need to manually dial long or frequently dialed numbers, providing convenience and time savings.

Auto Dial: Auto Dial, also known as Automatic Dialing, is a feature that automatically dials a sequence of numbers without user intervention. This typically involves setting up a list of numbers in advance, and the system initiates calls automatically according to predetermined criteria or a specific schedule. Auto Dial is commonly used in call centers, telemarketing, and automated systems that make multiple outgoing calls.

In a nutshell, speed dial focuses on quickly dialing specific numbers by associating them with dedicated buttons, while auto dial automates the process of dialing a number repeatedly or redialing an unanswered or busy number.

Why do call centers use speed dial?

Streamlined Workflow: With speed dial, call center agents can navigate through calls more efficiently and smoothly. They can quickly connect with customers or internal contacts, saving time and enabling a seamless workflow.

Improved Customer Service: By reducing call handling time and ensuring prompt access to important numbers, speed dial helps agents provide faster and more efficient customer service. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and a positive overall experience.

Agent Productivity: Speed dial eliminates the need for agents to memorize or search for frequently dialed numbers, allowing them to focus on their primary tasks. This improves agent productivity and allows them to handle more calls effectively.

Ease of Use: Speed dial is user-friendly and intuitive, as agents can easily assign and manage their speed dial contacts. It requires minimal training and provides a straightforward solution for accessing frequently dialed numbers.

Yeastar Call Center Solution

In addition to speed dial, Yeastar’s call center solution offers a wide range of features for both inbound and outbound operations.

These include custom caller ID, one-click calling, and several other outbound calling features. The solution also provides a comprehensive set of intelligent features that enhance the efficiency of inbound activities. Some of these features include intelligent call routing with advanced IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and automatic call distribution (ACD) systems, managing daily operations via an intuitive Queue Panel, real-time queue stats tracking on the Wallboard, and access to 8 advanced call center reports for data-driven decision making.

Learn more about the Yeastar call center solution.↗

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