Yeastar, a leading manufacturer of VoIP PBX systems and VoIP Gateways, is proud to release the new Firmware Update Version for the S-Series VoIP PBX , offering more new powerful features, making great optimization and fixing some bugs. The focus of this new version is adding the VPN Server Application and Hot Standby Feature. Yeastar S-Series provides automatic updates; new firmware file will be checked via a cloud server. In addition, you can upgrade firmware manually. Go to Maintenance > Upgrade to do upgrade in the Web GUI.

Changes since previous firmware release: 30.1 .0.16


  1. Added VPN Server Application.

VPN Server application provides an easy VPN solution that turns your S-Series PBX into a VPN server. You can connect S-Series PBX at a remote location using the virtual VPN IP. The traffic between the PBX and remote network is encrypted, which improves the security of S-Series PBX.

  1. Added Hot Standby feature.

The Hot Standby solution offers you the ability to provide high system availability, helping to prevent the unnecessary business loss caused by unexpected server failure. You can set one S-Series PBX as a primary server, set another S-Series PBX as a secondary server. The hot-standby server (secondary server) can automatically and instantly take over if the primary server goes down. Callers still reach the people they need and business can continue as usual.

  1. Added support for deleting used records, keeping missed call records only, and phone numbers digits match for AutoCLIP route.
  2. Added support for enabling /disabling VoIP trunks.
  3. Added support for monitoring FXS and GSM/3G channels.
  4. Added support for changing auto logout time.
  5. Added IVR invalid key prompt setting.
  6. Added support for enabling/disabling “Local SIP Port”.
  7. Added one touch recording prompt settings.
  8. Extension users could check their outbound route privileges on S-Series web user interface. Notice that the extension users could only check but could not edit outbound routes.
  9. Added support for checking and downloading recording files via FTP.
  10. Added support for changing SSH username and password.
  11. Added support for Deutsch web interface language.
  12. Added support for Czech system prompt.

Learn more detailed breakthrough about S-Series Firmware Update Version in the Release Note.

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