Desk Booking System

Find, book, and manage
your desks at ease

Give your workplace the flexibility it needs. Effortlessly manage your office seating with self-service booking, automation, and insightful analytics.

Desk Booking System

Desk Booking System

Set Your Office Up for the Future

Customize an Office Map


Visualize your floor plan for easy space management. Drag and drop rooms and desks directly onto a map that looks just like your office. Changes and updates can be easily done in seconds.

Designate Desk Types


Easily roll out hot desking by configuring which desks are flexible, permanently assigned, or unbookable. Designate dedicated zones for specific groups and teams.

Customize Rules and Permissions


Ditch the pens and paper and manage desk booking smartly with automation. Create reservation rules based on office policies and control who has access to what desks, when, and how.

manage your desks

manage your desks

Create the Easiest Desk Booking Experience

Real-time Availability At a Glance


With the hep of the desk occupancy sensor, the availability of each desk space will be reflected and updated in real time on the office map and booking grid.

Find and Book a Desk Space Easily


Find and book a desk within seconds on the shared view of your office map, the real-time booking grid, or on the go from mobiles.

Locate and Sit Next to Teammates


Make it easy for everyone to collaborate on-site. Quickly locate your coworkers using filters to search and grasp a desk nearby.

Get the most out of your desk resources

Make Desk Resources Easily Accessible


Installed on each desk, the e-ink desk screen works with the booking system to display the desk availability in real time, so employees can easily find a desk and start work straight away.

Detect Occupancy of Each Desk


The desk occupancy sensor monitors occupancy and reflects the real-time desk availability on the booking system.

Free Up Unused Desks


The occupancy sensor and the desk screen will work together to help you auto-release unused desks and maximize utilization.

Desk Screen

manage your desks

Spot Trends and Opportunities to Improve

Informative Reports & Insights


Understand your desk utilization and booking trends via graphical dashboard & exportable data and spot opportunities to make adjustments.

Use Your Space Efficiently


Leverage the workplace insights to make data-driven decision and better support your team. Safely planning distance while minimizing wasted space.

Better Understand Employee Needs


Know what motivates employee engagement and remove barriers between your staff and the workplace to boost collaboration and productivity.

Connect to your favorite tools

Yeastar Desk Booking System helps create a more streamlined workplace experience by empowering your team to find and book a desk space directly from their familiar interfaces.


Everything You Need to Build a Flexible Workplace

Real-time Availability

Know desk availability at a glance. Quickly locate your best fit with a filter and search tool.

Interactive Office Map

Upload your office plan, mark the locations of your desk resources, and manage with ease.

Hot Desking

Decide which seats are flexible and which are permanent to successfully roll out hot desking and hybrid work.

Dedicated Team Zone

Allow desk permission only to specific users, groups, or departments, so teams sit near each other to work and collaborate.

Desk Screen

E-ink Desk Screen

Show real-time desk availability via a tri-color e-ink screen. Scan the QR code to book on the spot or check in.

Desk Occupancy Sensor

Monitor your desk occupancy in real-time, show that data on the map, and automatically release abandoned desks.

Analytics & Insights

Understand your office and user behavior better with analytics, exportable data, and administrative desk scheduling tool.

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