Call Forwarding

Forward incoming calls to an alternate phone number when you are unavailable.

What is VoIP Call Forwarding?

VoIP call forwarding is a phone management feature that allows you to effortlessly redirect incoming phone calls to a mobile or alternate telephone number when you are unavailable. With call forwarding, you can ensure that you never miss important calls and stay accessible anytime and anywhere. You have the flexibility to set up forwarding based on your different presence status such as “When Busy,” “No Answer,” or “Always” for personalized forwarding.

Use Case of VoIP Call Forwarding

You can easily forward calls to different destinations based on your presence status. Yeastar offers many call forwarding options to manage your incoming calls better.

“When Busy”, you can choose to ask the caller to leave a voice message or just automatically transfer to another extension. When “No answer”, maybe you are out of the office, you can situate to ring the desk phone and your mobile phone simultaneously. And if you are on holiday, which means that you are “Always” unavailable, just forward the calls to your colleagues and let them help you deal with your stuff and enjoy your holiday. You can customize your call forwarding settings to suit your needs.

Benefits of Call Forwarding

Mobile Accessibility
You can stay connected anywhere with an internet connection by answering your work calls from your mobile device.

Improved Efficiency
Call forwarding guarantees that important calls are never missed. With proper rerouting, you and your team can stay connected and responsive, boosting productivity and seizing opportunities without interruption.

Better Customer Service
Effortlessly redirect incoming calls to an extension, business phone number, or personal phone to prevent callers from waiting. Serve your customers efficiently by forwarding calls to multiple numbers or colleagues who can assist, ensuring that every call is promptly answered and attended to.

The use of call forwarding can save your agents from having to give out personal phone numbers, building a professional image of your company.

Common FAQs

Why use the Yeastar VoIP Phone System for call forwarding?


How to forward VoIP calls on Yeastar P-Series Phone System?


    • Enable feature code for immediate call forwarding change: Configure feature codes on your phones to change forwarding destinations.

Learn more about preconfiguring rules and configuring feature codes here.

What’s the difference between call forwarding and call transfer?


Call forwarding automatically redirects incoming calls to an alternate number before they are answered, based on predefined triggers. On the other hand, call transfer is a manual feature used during a session, allowing an agent to manually transfer an ongoing call to another person.

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