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What Is Cloud PBX & How Does Cloud PBX Work

What Is Cloud PBX Phone System & How It Works?

Cloud PBX phone system(Cloud-based Private Branch Exchange), also known as hosted PBX or virtual PBX, refers to a system that operates over the internet instead of traditional phone lines. Compare to the on-premises PBX, the cloud-based phone system enable you to make and receive calls via IP phones and softphones installed on your mobile or desktop, and the voice traffic is routed via an internet network.

Cloud PBX phone system is gaining popularity due to the flexibility, simplicity, mobility, and scalability it brings to businesses. Usually, you can buy cloud PBX phone service from a hosted service provider and pay on a regular subscription basis.

Quickly Launch Cloud PBX Services

Cloud PBX Services

Turnkey Solution for
Service Providers

Yeastar’s Turnkey solution gives you an OpEx way to start offering UCaaS. Since the service delivery and management platform and the associated cloud architecture are fully managed by Yeastar, all it takes is to purchase hosting packages and you are good to go.

Cloud PBX Services

No Server Required &
Easy Deployment

Take the complications out of cloud deployment. Yeastar’s Turnkey solution only requires a short implementation time and needs minimal technical expertise. Most importantly, you don’t need to spend a fortune on server preparation.

Cloud PBX Services

Faster Time to Market &
Stronger ROI

Designed for channel success, Yeastar cloud PBX’s turnkey solution accelerates your time to market, enables you to create a sustainable revenue stream, and most importantly, keeps complete ownership of your customers.

Yeastar Central Management

Yeastar Central Management: One Platform to Manage All

Suppose you are a service provider looking to craft and launch your own Cloud PBX services instead of reselling them from 3rd-party providers. In that case, Yeastar provides a centralized platform, Yeastar Central Management(YCM) to simplify and jump-start the cloud PBX service delivery.

Create & Scale up Cloud PBX Instances in Minutes

Built on a multi-instance infrastructure, YCM allows for the quick creation of Cloud PBX instances with a customized number of extensions and concurrent calls. Also, you can easily help customers scale up and down with just a few clicks.

Manage and monitor customer-premises devices remotely

YCM enables you to manage and monitor customer-premises devices easily and securely from a central platform. Spot issues before customers do and quickly take control of their remote devices if they don’t have Public IP.

Why choose Yeastar as your Cloud PBX phone system?

Coordinated with Yeastar Cloud PBX, Linkus UC Clients introduces BYOD mobility and unified communications capability to make your workforce even more agile. With Linkus, your Windows and
Mac desktops, as well as your iOS and Android mobile phones, will act as office extensions, with all phone system features available. You don’t even need desk phones to handle business calls and can maintain a single phone number across all devices.

Advanced call-efficiency-improving and UC features are also at your disposal:

Instant Messaging


Native Contacts Management

CRM Integration

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

Click to Call Chrome Extension

Yeastar Cloud PBX

Yeastar Cloud PBX

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience


From the must-haves to the nice-to-haves, the full VoIP feature set, including IVR, call routing, conference, voicemail, ect. is able to handle daily business calls and cater
to more sophisticated communications needs.

Optimize Agent Efficiency with Queue Panel


The interactive, web-based Queue Panel enables ultimate ease of use and productivity with visual call management and full access to agent & supervisor capabilities such as Call
Monitor, Call Transfer, Recording, Agent State, Log-in, Log-out, and more – in one single interface.

Monitor Call Center Performance Easily


With the real-time Wallboard and up to 17 key performance indicators such as average waiting time and SLA adherence, you can monitor the overall queue performance right from the moment, stay
aware of the service goals, and spot the emerging trend just in time.

Connecting to SIP Trunks

Connecting to SIP Trunks


Yeastar Cloud PBX is interoperable with standard SIP trunks. We have run comprehensive compatibility tests with over 110 SIP trunk providers and provide you default configuration template to save time and effort.

Working with SIP Endpoints


Most SIP-based phones are supported by Yeastar Cloud PBX. You can bulk-configure IP phones from Yealink, Fanvil, Cisco, Snom, Polycom, Gigaset, Grandstream, Htek, and other brands using the
Auto Provisioning feature.

Supporting PSTN, ISDN & Analog, etc.


You can use Yeastar VoIP Gateways to connect PSTN, EI/TI/PRI, ISDN BRI, GSM/3G/4G trunks, and analog phones with Yeastar Cloud PBX to maintain your current equipment while still harnessing the power of cloud and VoIP technology.

Integrating with Other Technologies


By integrating with Microsoft Teams, Zoho CRM, and other 3rd-party systems, Yeastar Cloud PBX helps reduce
setup headaches and provide a seamless user experience. It’s also compatible with Jabra, Yealink, and other headset brands, for greater efficiency and flexibility, unlocking more possibilities for
your business.

Yeastar Cloud PBX

Yeastar is recognized as High Performer in G2

High Performer

Why Cloud PBX phone system over the traditional one?

Low Initial Upfront CostsLow Initial Upfront Costs

No large capital expenditures in infrastructure as well as ongoing maintenance costs. IP phones are usually the only upfront investment of most cloud PBX system installations.

Minimum Maintenance HassleMinimum Maintenance Hassle

As an off-site option, cloud PBX phone system doesn’t require dedicated in-house expertise for hardware installation and maintenance. Normally, your hosted PBX service provider will take care of all these.

Easy Future ScalabilityEasy Future Scalability

Cloud PBX phone system grows with your business. Extensions can be added or removed at any time as needed. Most service providers charge on a simple per-user-per-month basis.

Working from AnywhereSupport Remote Working

With a cloud phone system, remote workforces can seamlessly unify, enjoying the same features and ensuring uninterrupted business operations, as long as there is an internet connection.

Cloud PBX Phone System Features at a Glance

Users of a cloud PBX solution have access to a variety of standard telephony features, as well as many other advanced enterprise-grade VoIP features and unified communications options.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)


Customize voice response to ensure incoming calls are prompted to the most appropriate person or department.

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Call Routing


Set specific rules for each extension based on custom availability and where calls should be directed.

Call Forwarding


Redirect incoming calls to another destination, such as a mobile phone number, when the called party is unavailable.

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DID (Direct Inward Dialing)


With a local phone number forwarded to your PBX system, you can have a local presence without physically located there.

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Call Queues


Allow inbound calls to a certain destination to queue up while waiting for an available agent to take the calls.

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Voicemail to Email


Send voice message audio files as email attachments to quicken response time when out of the office.

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Ad-hoc Conference


Initiate a conference call anywhere, at any moment, using your mobile phone and invite others to join.

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Call Recording


Record every phone conversation and store call recording files in external storage for training, quality control, etc.

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Common Questions about Cloud PBX Phone System

Why updrade from traditional PBX to cloud phone systems?


Traditional phone systems typically require on-premises hardware installation, licensing fees for specific features, and dedicated technicians for system management and maintenance. In contrast, a cloud PBX is a more cost-effective option for a business phone system.

Cloud PBX significantly lowers the initial and ongoing costs associated with hardware equipment. Moreover, setting up and maintaining a cloud-based phone system doesn’t involve complex hardware or wiring, and adding new users or connecting to new locations is easier. In terms of
usability, cloud-based PBX provides greater mobility and enables unified communications, which is not possible with an analog phone system.

How to choose between cloud PBX and on-premises PBX?


Both on-premises and cloud PBX are effective and reliable business phone systems with different advantages, whereas each could be a better match for particular communication needs.

  • Large enterprises tend to purchase their own appliances up front, while small and medium-sized firms may prefer cloud PBX solutions to pay on a subscription basis.
  • Companies that have complex and dynamic communication needs tend to reside their PBX systems on-site while a relatively small business with fewer resources may prefer to rely on cloud PBX service providers.
  • In terms of system expansion, Cloud PBX phone systems are typically more scalable than on-premises ones, suitable for businesses with staff growth or reduction over the system’s lifespan.

What to look for in a cloud PBX provider?


  • Besides standard phone system functionalites, do you require certain advanced features?
  • Do they support BYOD mobility and remote working?
  • Do they allow you to integrate the system with 3-rd party platforms?
  • Do they provide cloud PBX phone service as a part of a unified communications solution so that you can take the service to the next level?
  • How is their customer support? Do they manage all maintenance and system updates?
  • Do they house servers in geographically dispersed data centers for redundancy purposes?
  • If you want to keep the existing landline phone numbers, make sure to check if they provide the number porting service.
  • What do their customers say about their services? Any testimonial or review?

How about the cost of Cloud PBX phone system?


Cloud PBX turns capital expenditure into an operational expense. Except for additional phone end-point purchase, only the minimum initial investment is required to get started and you only pay for ongoing subscription fees monthly or annually. You will have greater flexibility in
choosing a cheaper business phone line option with SIP trunking.

Besides, you don’t need to pay additional fees for maintenance and software assurance. For small businesses lacking resources, Cloud PBX eliminates the need for additional dedicated IT staff to manage and maintain the system.

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