Yeastar Free Trial Extension

Offer Period: March 1, 2023 – June 30, 2023

Offer Brief

Need more time trying Yeastar subscription services? Help yourself to extend your free trial of the listed Yeastar services by 30 days. The trial period will be extended to the submitted PBX SN within 3 business days.

Eligible Free Trial Service

  • P-Series Enterprise/Ultimate Plan (For Appliance & Software Edition Only)
  • S-Series Linkus Cloud Service Pro (LCS Pro)


1. Each PBX can take this offer for only one time.

2. Only Yeastar P-Series and S-Series PBX whose subscription free trial has expired or is going to expire (within 7 days before the trial expiration date can take this offer.

How to Enter

1. Fill in the application from to submit the PBX SN to which you want to extend free trial

2. We will review your application and extend the free trial within 3 business days.

Application Form