Recurring Meeting

What is
Recurring Meeting?

As opposed to ad hoc meetings, recurring meetings are scheduled to repeat automatically on a regular basis, such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Recurring meetings are quite common in modern businesses as it can be an effective way to keep team members on the same project updated on what’s happening and maintain accountability.

The top benefit of setting up recurring meetings has to do with time savings. There is no need to book meeting rooms and notify participants every time individually. Once done, no more repetitive work is required afterwards. Yeastar Workplace allows you to schedule rooms for recurring meetings in advance and customize the recurrence pattern according to your preferences.

Potential Issues Around
Recurring Meetings

Without proper planning and coordination, it gets easy for employees to waste a lot of time on recurring meetings and have their calendars filled up, and some meetings are simply unnecessary. Besides, recurring meetings that nobody shows up for yet are not canceled, i.e. ghost meetings, are also a huge waste of space resources and foster a bad meeting culture. From this perspective, another potential issues that when the number of participants in some certain meetings increases or decreases, low space utilization or crowded meeting rooms may occur.

Recurring Meeting
Best Practices

Book meeting rooms for recurring meetings at once and allow attendees to sync the schedule to their Outlook or Google Calendar for easy future checking.

Ask your employees to check in when attending the meeting, or else the room will be released and become bookable again. This could be done with room displays.

Set up email notifications for different events, such as booking confirmations, changes, cancellations, check-in reminders, etc., to keep everyone properly informed.

Stop having recurring meetings with no purpose. Write an agenda before every meeting to stay in control of it and keep everyone on the same page.

Not everyone has to play a role on every recurring meeting. Determine those who need to attend on a meeting-by-meeting basis and let everyone else focus on their work.

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