Microsoft Teams Integration

Why the Integration

Microsoft Teams is a workspace for real-time communication and collaboration. It provides various tools for messaging, voice and video meetings, file sharing, and calendars. With the surge of hybrid meetings, it would be convenient for Teams users to schedule a meeting and book a meeting room in one place: Teams calendar. This way, the users will have a clear schedule and know which meeting room to meet.

To achieve this, it’s necessary to integrate Microsoft Teams with a meeting room booking system, e.g. Yeastar Workplace. The integration enables Teams users to book meeting rooms directly from Teams and automatically sync meetings to the meeting room booking system. The real-time synchronization makes the booking process straightforward and eliminates meeting conflicts and double bookings.

Microsoft Teams
Integration Features

Book a meeting room directly from the Microsoft Teams calendar

Room availability and room capacity overview when booking from Teams calendar

Streamlined scheduling experience without double bookings

Receive reminders to check in for upcoming meetings

Automatically release a booked but abandoned meeting room and make it available again

It shouldn't be difficult to book the right space.
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