E-ink Display

What is E-ink?

E-ink is short for electronic ink, and is also known as electronic paper. It is a display technology that resembles ink on paper and provides paper-like readability on electronic devices. It also features extremely low power consumption, which makes it suitable for various business applications.

Applications of
E-ink Displays

In the early days, the most popular adoption of e-ink technology is among e-readers, most notably the Amazon Kindle. Those e-ink displays are easier to read with no backlit glare. Though you need a light source when using e-readers in dark, you will feel less strain on the eyes, unlike the LCD screens. Also, you will have better clarity in bright sunlight.

Nowadays, e-ink technology has spread to office interactive signs, IoT monitors, information dashboards, electronic shelf labels, and various digital signage applications.

For example, an IoT sensor measuring indoor environmental parameters can display the data like temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, and TVOC on its e-ink display. E-ink displays usually do not require an extra power supply, making them easy to install in office applications.

Benefits of
E-ink Display

The uniqueness of e-ink technology makes the display consume power only when something is changing. For example, when turning a new page on an ereader. It significantly reduces power consumption. E-ink displays use light from the environment to make whatever is on the screen visible. This also saves power. The result is a pretty long battery life.

E-ink displays are easier for the eye as it mimics the paper-reading and prevents glare or flickering. So users of e-ink displays will not have the same eye strain as with LCDs. The high contrast also contributes to the good readability. At a weak angle, the display can still be read.

Limitations of
E-ink Display

Most devices can only be displayed in shades of grey. There’s still a long way for e-ink displays to add more colors.

Cannot display videos

Not as responsive as other mainstream displays

The lack of backlight makes it hard to be read in dim lights

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