VoIP Solutions to ISDN Switch Off

As large telecom companies successively announcing to switch off ISDN and PSTN, it’s time for business to consider moving from their traditional system to the IP-based one. Yeastar provides a reliable and cost-effective IP-capable portfolio to empower businesses with a future-proof phone system.

Whether businesses want to retain their existing legacy devices or move to IP-based services, Yeastar solutions can meet their needs. By driving forward to VoIP, businesses can experience quality communications, benefit from decreased telco costs, and simplify operations with a single technology for telephony and data. Here is a list of benefits that Yeastar VoIP solutions have to offer.

ISDN Switch Off

Complete IP-based Product Portfolio

Yeastar provides a complete VoIP capable portfolio that supports any network infrastructure. Businesses that don’t want to abandon all the existing devices or have a limited budget for shifting to the whole IP-based services will find Yeastar VoIP Gateways suitable for their migration from ISDN to VoIP. As for companies ready to take advantage of unified IP communications, S-Series VoIP PBX and Yeastar Cloud PBX will meet their various communication needs easily and seamlessly.

Reduced telco costs

Yeastar PBX system greatly reduces communication fees by guaranteeing free internal calls and low-cost external calls through SIP trunk, so you don’t need to worry about the high phone bills anymore. With carriers offering cheaper solutions to attract more customers, moving to VoIP will be a cost-effective choice for your organization.

Easy Unified Communications

Linkus Unified Communications App, softphone supported by Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX and Cloud PBX, is available using iOS, Android, Microsoft Window and MacOS. With Linkus, employees can make and receive calls anywhere, anytime, with their cellphones or desktops. Moreover, both Yeastar on-premises and hosted PBX boast rich robust features like remote management, AutoCLIP, SIP forkingcall recording, conferencing and so on, making communications easy for all and highly improving work efficiency.

High Flexibility and Easy Management

Featuring unique modular design, S-Series VoIP PBX  can be customized with various telephony interfaces and grow with your business, giving you the flexibility to meet the ever-expanding communications needs. Organizations can also unify headquarters, branches, and teleworkers within a single PBX system with minimum set-up and on-going support. IT admin can perform management from an intuitive Web interface, saving time and money on the complicated installation process that a traditional ISDN system requires.

Case Study

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