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What is SIP Trunking

A SIP Trunk is the virtual version of an analog phone line. Unlike the PSTN, ISDN BRI or T1 lines that rely on physical wiring, it transmits voice data over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and allows you to make and receive calls over the Internet.

Compared with the traditional phone lines, SIP trunking boasts lower call charges, higher portability, and exclusive value for business unified communications. The service is usually provided by an Internet Telephony Service provider (ITSP) and often works with SIP-based business phone system (PBX) to enable daily functions of audio & video calls.

Yeastar PBX systems featured excellent interoperability with ITSPs worldwide and have conducted in-depth SIP trunk testing to deliver quality calling experience.  Check the full list of Yeastar certified SIP trunk providers.

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