Remote Archiving

Off-load and archive your call recordings and system backup files to external servers.

What is Remote Archiving?

PBX call recordings and system backup files remote archiving

The Remote Archiving feature of Yeastar P-Series Phone System enables you to off-load your call recordings and system backup files to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and/or FTP/SFTP server by scheduling “Remote Archiving” task. When used with the system storage “Auto-cleanup” feature, it frees your PBX from old files gnawing at your storage space and makes upgrades and updates faster.

This feature is particularly useful for:

Free up PBX local storage space.

Efficiently manage large volumes of recordings & system backups files.

Enable long-term data and file retention, avoiding the pitfall of auto-cleanup when your PBX storage limit is reached.

Enable external backups of system files, maintaining file accessibility even if the PBX is down.

Off-load files to cheaper remote storage, making PBX setup more cost-effective.

How does it work?

Configure Remote Archive Server

Each P-Series PBX can connect to up to 10 external archive servers, which can include any mix of the supported online storage services. You can assign distinct names to each server for easy identification.

To learn how to configure different types of archive servers, please refer to our user guides for: P-Series Cloud Edition | Software Edition | Appliance Edition.

Screenshot: configure remote archive server on PBX

Data Sync and File Management

The data synchronization to the remote storage is managed by Archive Tasks. You can create multiple tasks in the System > Archive to set up your data range and sync schedule.

Screenshot: add PBX backups archive task on P-Series PBX

When a task completes, a new folder (named with the file type, task name, and sync date) will be created on the connected archive server, so you can easily identify the archived files by date and task. Better yet, if the synchronized data of a task spans multiple days, additional subfolders will be created for each date within the main folder.

When used with the “Auto Cleanup” function in “System Storage,” the feature enables you to remove locally stored call recordings & system backup files to the remote archive, radically reducing storage usage.

Task Status Notifications & Logs

Upon Archive Task completion or failure, an email notification will be sent to the notification contacts. The “Archival Logs” function enables you to review the task’s status, filter logs, and retry failed tasks within clicks.

Screenshoot: recordings & system backups remote archival logs on PBX

Common FAQs

Which of P-Series PBX subscription plans support Remote Archiving?


What external storage services are supported by Yeastar PBX?


P-Series Appliance Edition: USB, SD Card, Hard Disk, Network Drive. The support is subject to the hardware model, please check details here

P-Series Software Edition: Network Drive, Hard disk drive (SATA/SAS/VSD)

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