Event Logs & Event Notifications

What are event logs?

Screenshot of Yeastar P-Series Phone System Event Logs Settings

Event logs allow the administrator to monitor the abnormal operation, such as modifying the administrator password. It also helps to check the telephony and system status instantly.

For example, once the VoIP peer trunk registration fails or the PBX server CPU is overloaded, the administrator can get a notification and check more details in the event message.

With Event Logs, you can check on details about all the events in System > Event Notifications. So when something goes wrong in the phone system, the administrator can find out where the problem lies and work out a solution as quickly as possible.

What events are recorded?

Event Notification Settings on Yeastar P-Series PBX

Yeastar phone system monitors and records the following event types. Here is a sample list of events under each event type. For all supported events and their details, please refer to our event notification overview.


Administrator Login Success

Web User Login Success/Failed

Linkus Client Login Failed

Administrator/Extension Password Changed


SIP Trunk Registration Failed

SIP Trunk Re-registered

Emergency Call Dialed Out


Yeastar SMTP Server Error

CPU/Memory Overload

Storage Device Failure/Insufficient

System Reboot, Restore, Upgrade

PBX Hot Standby Failover

Data Synchronization Error


User Locked Out

Extension Registration Blocked Out

Auto Defense IP Blocked Out

Outbound Call Frequency Exceeded

Outbound Call to a Disallowed Country


Plan Expiration Reminder

Failed to Archive File(s)

Event Notifications

Event notifications settings on P-Series PBX

When an event occurs, Yeastar PBX systems trigger a notification. Administrators can customize the notification process by adding contacts to specify recipients and defining the event severity (event level) for each event. This includes configuring different notification contacts and notification methods for various event levels.

For instance, administrators can set up notifications for informational events to be sent via email to user A, while more severe Alert-level events are notified through phone calls to user B.

Supported Notification Methods:


Call Extension Number

Call Mobile Number

Supported Event Level:

Information: General information

Warning: Specific components or applications not in ideal states

Alert: Problems requiring timely attention

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