Operator Panel

Web-based interface for receptionists and admins to achieve next-level call management efficiency and flexibility.

What is Operator Panel?

The Operator Panel is a web-based interface integrated with the Yeastar Linkus Web Client, designed for employees who need to manage and transfer a large volume of calls, such as receptionists or agent managers.

It features a call console, extension list, ring group list, queue list, parking slot list, and group voicemail list. You can quickly check colleagues’ statuses, manage incoming calls, and dispatch calls to extensions, ring groups, and queues with a simple drag-and-drop action—all from your web browser.

What you can do on Operator Panel?

Monitor Real-time Call Activities

View all internal, inbound, and outbound call information in real-time, including caller, callee, status, duration, and details. This comprehensive overview of call activities within your groups allows you to perform specific actions on particular calls.

For supervisors, they can use this feature to monitor agents’ performance, provide additional training, and improve customer service.

Drag-and-drop Call Dispatch

Easily assign calls to specific extensions, ring groups, or queues directly from the panel. These operations can be done with a few mouse clicks or even by drag-and-drop, enhancing call management efficiency and flexibility.

Actions you can perform directly from the operator panel:

Pick up an incoming call for your colleagues to save the caller’s waiting time.

Redirect and transfer calls directly to the destination extension, ring group, queue, or voicemail.

Put someone on hold to let available agents retrieve the parked call on their phones.

Place calls to any contacts on the extension panel.

Switch Business Hours and Holidays

Switch bewteen business hours and holidays directly on the Operator Panel to route incoming calls more flexibly.

View and Switch Extension Presence

Easily view the status and availability of extensions within the group. Better, you can switch the presence status of yourself or the team member to enable more efficient call flow.

Call Recording

Admins can enable call recording for specific extensions, trunks, conferences, or queues. Users with the necessary permissions can also toggle the recording status during a call to avoid capturing sensitive information.

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How to manage the Operator Panel?

Yeastar Queue Panel offers three roles for extension group members: manager, user, and custom. Each role comes with specific permissions for actions on the Operator Panel. By default, a manager has full permissions to manage calls on the Operator Panel, whereas users have no access or permissions to use it.Learn more about user types and permissions. ↗

How Businesses can benefit from Operator Panel?

Enhanced Call Management: Real-time monitoring and efficient call routing improve call handling and reduce wait times.

Improved Resource Allocation: View and manage staff availability to ensure calls are directed to available team members.

Better Customer Experience: Efficient routing and resource allocation lead to shorter wait times and more personalized service.

Enhanced Communication: Instantly communicate with team members and keep them informed with status updates.

Security and Compliance: Enable call recording for compliance such as PCI DSS Compliant a to protect sensitive data.

Performance Analytics: Access detailed call metrics and reports to analyze performance and monitor call trends for data-driven decisions.

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