Fax to Email

Receive incoming faxes as PDF files directly in your email inbox.

What is Fax to Email?

Fax to Email is an advanced feature that enables you to receive faxes as PDF via email. Yeastar phone system can automatically send incoming faxes as email attachments to a specified email address. This designated email address can be associated with an extension or a customized one.

Fax to Email will help prevent your fax from being picked up by others. Moreover, no fax server or additional phone line will be needed, and you can receive faxes anywhere anytime.

How does Fax to Email works?


To enable receiving fax via extension users’ emails, it’s essential to ensure the PBX email server is working correctly. Without a functional email server, received faxes cannot be forwarded.

Additionally, each extension should have a valid email address assigned to it. Optionally, you can customize the fax email template to suit your preferences.

Once the email server configuration is completed, you can proceed to modify the inbound route for incoming faxes via the web portal. Two choices are available: receiving faxes through a dedicated line or a shared line.

Option1: Receive Faxes Through a Dedicated Line

Yeastar phone system allows businesses to establish a dedicated trunk for receiving faxes. This method is recommended as it helps prevent interruptions and other issues that may arise from using a shared trunk.

Option2: Receive Faxes Through a Shared Line

If your company has only one telephone line, you can generally utilize the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) feature to handle both fax and voice calls on the same line. When a call is answered, the phone system will automatically detects fax signals throughout the call duration. Upon detecting a fax signal, it immediately directs the call to the designated fax destination.

Why is Fax to Email a better option?

Conveniently receive faxes directly in your email inbox.

No extra pay for expensive hardware, printer paper, ongoing maintenance or a dedicated fax line.

Simple to search for specific fax information within your email system.

Make your faxes accessible from anywhere, in any devices with an internet connection.

Make it easy to manage and store faxes in your email box.

Secure transmission of faxes over encrypted connections, avoiding loss of important or sensitive fax.

Common FAQs

Do I need a fax machine to use fax to email?


Can I keep my existing fax number when switching to fax to email?


Can I use my existing email address for fax to email?


Is Fax to Email secure?


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