SMS to Email/Email to SMS

Seamless communication and conversion between email and SMS messages.

What is SMS to Email?


Both SMS to Email and Email to SMS are valuable tools for businesses to seamlessly integrate text messaging into their communication workflows. These tools combine the archival capabilities of email with the convenience of SMS messaging.

SMS to Email allows users to forward incoming text messages to an email address. With Yeastar phone system’s GSM/WCDMA connectivity, you can fully utilize the SMS feature of cellular networks. The TG gateway will automatically convert received SMS messages into email format and send them to the designated email address via the pre-configured system email. Similarly, you can send an email to the system to trigger the sending of an SMS message.

Yeastar phone system also offers an inbuilt Omnichannel Messaging feature solution, allowing easy sending and receiving of business SMS messages directly from a mobile, desktop, or web app. No need to rely on a central mailbox or gateways to manage business text messaging.

How it works?

Send SMS to Email

Imagine you’re hanging out, and unexpectedly, you need to send an urgent email. In this scenario, you can conveniently edit the email content in a specific format using SMS on your mobile phone. Simply send the SMS to the GSM trunk number on the Yeastar phone system.
The system will automatically transform the SMS to the email format first, and then send the email to the target email address through the pre-configured system email.

Send Email to SMS

Email to SMS feature is exactly contrary to the above steps.
To forward an email to SMS text, you need to send an email to the SMS email address. The system will receive and forward the email to the GSM/3G port, so that the email can be sent through SMS to the expected destinations.

Benefits of SMS to Email

Smooth communication on the go 24×7: No matter where you are, sending bulk of business emails via SMS with internet access.

A cost-saving solution: Significantly cheaper than making phone calls or other marketing campaigns. This saves on messaging expenses, particularly if you have an unlimited or cost-effective email plan.

Advantageous for compliance purpose: Easily store, back up, and archive your messages in email. Keep a record of your communications with customers, which can be useful for business or legal purposes.

Common FAQs

How to set up Email to SMS/SMS to Email?


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For S-Series VoIP PBX: Configuration Guide

How much would Email to SMS/SMS to Email cost?


Is there a limit to the volume of texts that can be forwarded to email?


Are there any limitations to using the two feature?


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