Call Logs

View and manage complete call history for incoming and outbound calls on Yeastar phone system.

What are call logs?

Yeastar call logs interface

Call logs refers to the call history about calls over Yeastar phone system. They typically include details such as the date and time of the call, the phone numbers involved, and the duration of each call.

Call logs provide a historical record of phone activity, allowing users to review and analyze their call history, track important calls, and monitor overall communication patterns.

Information You Can view in Yeastar Call Logs

In Yeastar call logs, you can view a comprehensive set of information related to incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. And we display call history both for personal calls and queue calls. Some of the key details that you can typically find in Yeastar call logs include:

Caller ID and Time

Source Trunk

Call Processing Status

Duration of Call

Communication Type: Internal/Outbound/Inbound

Benefits of Yeastar Call Logs

Tracking Call History

Call logs provide a comprehensive record of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. This enables businesses to track and review their call history, including call duration, timestamps, and caller information. By maintaining accurate records, businesses have a reference for future communication.

Efficiently Finding Calls

The Yeastar call history feature eliminates the need to scroll through long lists when searching for incoming calls from specific customers. Instead, users can easily search for personal call records or the call history of a particular queue agent. Filtering options such as processing results, source trunk, caller name, and more criteria make it effortless to find the desired records.

Enhancing Customer Service

Access to call history allows businesses to monitor and analyze customer interactions more effectively. By reviewing previous calls, businesses gain insights into customer preferences, address recurring issues, and personalize their customer service approach. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Compliance and Legal Requirements

Meeting industry regulations and legal requirements related to call recordings is crucial for businesses. Yeastar Call Logs help organizations fulfill these obligations by providing a comprehensive record of all inbound and outbound calls. These records can be utilized for compliance audits or legal purposes if necessary.

Resolving Disputes

In situations where disputes or misunderstandings arise, call logs serve as an objective source of information. By referring to call logs, businesses can verify conversation details and resolve conflicts based on factual evidence. This proactive approach can help in avoiding potential legal issues.

Insightful Call Trends and Streamlined Management

Reviewing call logs allows businesses to identify peak call times, manage call volume efficiently, and allocate resources accordingly. This ensures smooth call handling and reduces the chances of missed or dropped calls.

Practical Applications of Call Logs in Work Scenarios

Missed call disposition

The benefits of call logs need no further explanation, but what role can they play in real work scenarios?

Tracking Agent Performance and Efficiency

Yeastar call logs provide valuable information such as caller ID and call duration, allowing supervisors to assess the handling proficiency, workload, and call efficiency of individual agents or specific queues. This data serves as a basis for performance evaluation, task allocation, employee training, and overall call center efficiency enhancement.

Improved Handover and Collaboration within Queues

The new “Queue Call Logs” tab enables queue members to mark the status of each missed call (not deal, dealt, or dealing) using a dropdown list. This action records the timestamp and the person who made the mark, enhancing visibility for other team members and facilitating effective call handover between agents.

Efficient Handling of Missed Calls

Yeastar’s call logs module supports filtering of missed calls and displays the available status of customers. Agents can initiate a callback with just one click, streamlining the process of handling missed calls and resolving customer issues promptly.

Enhancing Customer Service Proficiency

By providing call log record files, Yeastar enables timely reviews of call details to improve the work proficiency of customer service personnel. Additionally, leveraging call history allows businesses to understand specific customer needs and make data-driven decisions, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

How to manage call logs with Yeastar?

Role-based Access Control

Call logs and recorded information from the call history can be accessed through Linkus Clients (Web and Desktop). However, different roles have varying access permissions to call logs.

For Administrators

Administrators have full access to all call history data. However, administrators from different offices or departments may only have access to relevant call records within their area. Additionally, administrators can set up viewing permissions for specific agents to access queue call logs on Linkus Clients.

For Users/Agents

Agents can access their personal call history records. To view queue call logs, agents need to be granted appropriate permissions by the administrator. The viewing range can include all calls, incoming calls, and missed calls.

Manage Your Call History

Personal Call Logs

You can efficiently filter call logs by selecting a communication type (incoming, outgoing, or missed calls) from the drop-down list. With just one click, you can initiate a chat or call with the selected number directly from the same interface, enhancing your call handling efficiency.

To delete a call log, you have two options: you can either select specific logs to be cleared or use the “Clear All” button to remove all call records. However, please be aware that deleting your personal call logs will remove them from both Linkus Web and Desktop Clients.

Queue Call Logs

As an agent of a call queue with authorized access to view the queue’s call logs, you can conveniently check and manage those logs on your Linkus Client.

Similar to managing personal call history, you can filter or search for specific call logs within the queue. You can also initiate a call with the caller directly from the interface and delete outdated call records.

Additionally, agents have the ability to change the processing status of a missed queue call to “Dealt,” “Dealing,” or “Not Deal.” These status changes are visible to authorized agents and help in smooth team collaboration.

Call Logs – Common FAQs

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