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Call Flip

Say you are on a sales call that worth big bucks, yet you have an emergency that forces you to leave your desk. No problems—just flip that call to your mobile and keep talking. Or, if you have a long call that has drained your phone battery, simply flip the call to your computer or desk phone and you can continue the conversation seamlessly.

With the Call Flip feature in Yeastar P-Series PBX System, at no time you are compelled to drop off a call.

What Is Call Flip?

Call Flip is a PBX phone system feature that allows you to transfer a live call between different devices without having to put anyone on hold.

For example, you can move an in-progress call from your computer to your mobile seamlessly, and vice versa. The Call Flip feature works on virtually all phone terminals that are linked to your PBX extension account, ensuring that you’ll never have to cut your calls short.

Unlike call forwarding, the call flip feature is only for live, active calls when switching devices, and the person you’re speaking with never knows you switched devices.

What is call flip

Understanding How Call Flip Works

Yeastar P-Series PBX System supports call flip/switch between your computer, mobile, and desk phone. For your computer and mobile devices, you will need to install the Linkus UC Clients that are connected to your PBX extension. The function works by:

How Call Flip Works

Call Flip: “push” the live call to another device and pick up to continue. While you are talking on your Linkus Web/Mobile Client, simply touch the “Call Flip” button at your call interface and you can select the device that you want to move the call to. If you are using a desk phone, press the feature code on your dial-pad and all your extension-connected devices will ring. Just pick up the call on the device you selected to continue the conversations.

Call Switch: to “pull” a call away from the original device (say, your IP Phone or computer), just open the Linkus Web/Mobile Client on the device that you want to move to. Touch the “Call Switch” button on the home screen to see all active calls that you’re on, then hit the call you want to continue. That’s it! your call will instantly continue on the new device and end on the original device.

The Benefits of Call Flip

Take Calls Anywhere

Never drop your call halfway. Call flip in mere seconds from your desk to your mobile (or vice-versa) in the middle of a call.

Seamless Experience

Stay connected without interruption to the customer. Unlike call forwarding or call transfer, you don’t need to put the person on hold while switching devices.

Multi-device Support

With Yeastar P-Series, you can log into multiple devices at the same time, so you can flip calls between your computer, phone, and desk phone without any issues.

call routing-FQA

Call Routing FAQs

How long does it take to flip a call?

The process is almost immediate. The person you’re talking to won’t notice it.

Can I flip a call to a device with a different phone number?

No. You can only flip calls between devices that have signed in the same extension account. To move a call to a different phone number, you will need to use the call transfer feature.

Does call flip work on an IP Phone or analog phone?

Yes. To move a call from a desk phone to another device, you can dial the Call Flip feature code on the dial-pad (the default feature code is *01, you can change the setting in the PBX management portal > Call Features). The other terminals of the extensions will ring simultaneously. Just select one to pick up and continue the call.

You can also flip a call from Linkus UC Clients to a desk phone. When you click the Call Flip/Switch button, all your connected phone terminals (hardware or software) will be available to select.

Do I need to pay anything extra to use a call flip feature?

Not in Yeastar P-Series PBX System! The call flip feature is included on all plans.

Why I can’t find the “Call Flip/Switch” button on my Linkus?

You will need to upgrade your P-Series PBX System firmware and Linkus UC Clients to the latest version. You can download Linkus Desktop/Mobile Client here and upgrade your Linkus for Google Chrome extension here.

Available in Yeastar P-Series PBX System

All three edition of Yeastar P-Series PBX System support the Call Flip feature.
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Appliance Edition

If you prefer a plug-and-play system deployed within your company to ensure complete control, the Appliance Edition is the perfect fit.

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Cloud Edition

Want to eliminate the workload of hardware installation while having your phone system up & running immediately? This is the option for you.

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Software Edition

You make the call whether to install the PBX system on a hardware server, a virtual machine, or even in the cloud.

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